Mod “Object destruction on the minimap” for WOT 1.0.2

How would carefully opponent does not hide from you, one wrong move and you will be already aware of its location.

If you do not want the enemy caught you by surprise we  offer mod  “Object destruction on the minimap”.  If the enemy is in glare or carefully masked because he does not want to be discovered only this modification is able to detect him.

Mod will track and inform you about all changes and destruction in battle. Fallen trees, fence,  destruction of homes or cars – all this mod fixes and displays for player on a mini map by white squares. This squares will help  you to know  plot where were recorded alteration and destruction. Also for your convenience mod will signals about these findings with the help of an audio signal. You will not miss this finds. Author of mod are Stealthz + doc77 + Roughnecks.

Mod is prohibited by developers because of its benefits in battle. Yoy can be punishment for the use of the modification.  All responsibility for the use of this mod is on the player.





How to install:

res_mods \ 1.0.2\ scripts \ client \ mods \ Destructive \ ModificationDestructible.config
To edit using Notepad ++ program


mod_destruction(42 KB)

10 Replies to “Mod “Object destruction on the minimap” for WOT 1.0.2”

  1. what? isn’t this basically cheat?
    yeah you can see stuff breaking without spotting the enemy
    but this mod gain a huge advantage by putting the “sign” through mini map view

  2. Yeah, this kind of Mod is against war gaming’s rules. down loader beware, they’ve made a statement saying people with these kinds of mods will be banned.

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