[] Mod “Night War” for WoT

Mod, which completely changes the graphics and game design. Experience new sensations and possibilities of the game.

The prototype of this mod in Internet can be called Mod Turn on headlights, but it is only the basic version. Mod “Night War” has a lot of benefits and advantages. In contrast the “Turn on headlights” in the new modification changes completely all light. Also appears twilight mode or even night.

Thus, change not only the graphics of the game, but also the feeling of the players from the game. There are new opportunities. For example, you can from a distance to see the approaching enemy tanks, as will be seen the light of his headlights included. In daylight, you would simply have not noticed. Night, the starry sky, the bright lights of enemy tanks, luminous moon – all this completely changes the style of the game, making it more mysterious. We recommend all test this mod.

The mod is fully adaptive to the current version 1.0. Author of mod are Polyacov_Yury and Pb13.


shot_255 shot_254 shot_253

How to install:

res_mods in the game folder, confirm the replacement.


Night War(0.3 MB)

18 thoughts on “[] Mod “Night War” for WoT”

  1. black says:

    I like this mod but some little bugs (white screen sometimes, when I look to the moon side). fix it pls.

    1. cata says:

      you are turning into a werewolf

    2. Tilith says:

      You can fix this bug by turning of lighting details in graphics settings

  2. andrew says:

    Everything seems to work but I can’t get rid of the day light. I see the night sky but it just feels like I’m playing like almost nothin has changed as It’s like normal day with night sky

  3. UltraGamerPL says:

    Very good mod, but would be awesome if there was no light when you look at the moon, and if the lights from the tanks actually came from their actual headlamps, not just the same position for each tank. Also, would be absolutely epic if you had lights on the map too, but perhaps that’s too much to ask.

  4. *** says:

    Hello, need new Mod “Object destruction on the minimap” for WOT and Forbidden autoaim “Vanga” for WOT and Fully transparent damage panel for WOT. THX

  5. xxZigmantasxx says:

    i like this mod, the ground changed into dark and the lights from the tanks are also there. But the sky is still normal, and i don’t know why :c

    1. Timmi123 says:

      I think was not correctly updated, because some comments here are from october, so just wait, maybe they will update it, as i have the vanilla skybox aswell 🙂

  6. Emanuel says:

    el mod tiene un fallo y es en la parte de iluminacion hay tanques que solo tiene un faro y la iluminacion muestra como si tuviera dos y no todos los mapas son oscuros a noser que aya instalado mal el mod.. alguna sugerencia?

  7. fred says:

    How active or desative mod night??

  8. Me says:

    Where do i have to put this file Night mode???what file?

    1. DoorBloons says:

      to install put Configs file in X:\xxxxxxxxx\World Of Tanks\mods
      and extrac file in folder 0.9.20 to X:\xxxxxxxx\World Of Tanks\mods\

  9. lolol says:

    i like this mods it give me stable Fps on max setting compare to the day version

  10. Norton says:

    emmmm,how to install this mod? I am really like it but i don’t know how to install it.somebody can tell me more details about this?Thanks!

    1. DoorBloons says:

      to install put Configs file in X:\xxxxxxxxx\World Of Tanks\mods
      and extrac file in folder 0.9.20 to X:\xxxxxxxx\World Of Tanks\mods\

  11. Shurhand says:

    I dont see the skynight, only less sunlight and tanks lights

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