Mod: “I am Spotted” for WoT


Mod: “I am Spotted” for World of Tanks Author: S0me0ne & BlueW0at. The Mod send a message when you are spotted. Mod disabled in random battles

F11: On/Off 



  1. unzip the file in desktop.
  2. edit configuration as you wish,configuration file is in
  3. copy res_mods from desktop to wot folder, replace if needed.

SRC folder contain source code, not needed to copy in your wot folder!


spotmessanger-1.4.4_13 (50 kb)

29 Replies to “Mod: “I am Spotted” for WoT”

  1. I put the mod in the correct folders, but doesn’t work, I do Ctrl+F and says Enabled and disabled but when Enabled doesn’t give any warning as the picture shows, try to fix it please. Thanks for the job 😉

  2. HI. with me or not does this abbreviation because as I click it says to me “please go back base” or August will do something about it. obviously has the ability commander

  3. All this fcking lame mod does is spam your team every time you get spotted and respotted. If I see you using this mod I will report you for spam and potentially TK you. Throw it in the trash bin

    1. it does more than that it lets me know i’ve been spotted because my lite bulb don’t work if u don’t want to see it just add me to your ignore list its a team game and it is a battle com if i see you crying about the game instead of using battle coms i might TK you

  4. could you guys maybe please stop distributing these kind of mods? in companies, you use teamspeak, go tell anyone that cares that you are spotted, but in random battles, they just leave it on and i sometimes get 2 people spamming in chat, help! i am spotted at d5. i think alot of people hardly give a crap about someone being spotted and they should rather concentrate on shooting enemies.

  5. does not work, it’s here that for instance on / off are not marked as is shown in the small screenshot, just do not work or Iam spotted messages and so on, I gave everything to true in config.xml and it does not show me that! I also have other fashion as deegies sight, zoom mode, ingame replay manager YasenKrasen colorful messages + session statistics, RECO’s Techtree Vertical and Panel Damage to GambitER 0.9.4 v2 more mods I do not have, maybe Father, Who art with those who have a disadvantage, and I have to remove

  6. spare us this mod please! nothing worse than 5 german players …all with this mod and the chat full of that ‘i am spotted’ by all 5.
    as mentioned above by another: i do report players for spamming if they play with this mod on in random battles.
    friggin’ useless and annoying in randoms!!!

    (and why is it mostly germans using this??)

  7. Thank you for the mod
    to all saying its useless: yes, sure. if you do not have sixth sense it sure is useless to know that you are likely seen by an invisible enemy and have to fall back… i am sick of turds telling me “GO SPOT RETARD” when i get insta spotted the second i peek.

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