MOD: HD models from 9.13 Part 2

Hello everyone,

We present you a selection of new models of HD tanks that appear in the update 9.13.

amx a mle 48

All models, you can download and install in the “Patch 9.12” as the mod.

amx aa mle 48

In the archive you will find the following models of tanks: LTP, KV-5, IS-6, SU-18, SU-152, KV-3, Luchs, M44, M7 Priest, T29, T30, T95E6, T54E1, AMX AC Mle.48, Comet, Cruiser Mk I-IV , AT15, Birch Gun, WZ-111, WZ-131, Type 2597 Chi-Ha, Ha-Go, Ke-Ni

amx mce amx mle 48 amx mle at15a at15a1 at15a2 at15a3 at15a4 birch gun birch gun1 birch gun2 birch gun3 comet cruiser mk II cruiser mk II 1 cruiser mk II 2 cruiser mk II 3 cruiser mk II 4 cruiser mk III cruiser mk III 1 cruiser mk IV 1 cruiser mk IV 2 cruiser mk IV cruiser mk1 cruiser mk12 cruiser mk13 cruiser mk14 cruiser mk15 cruiser mk16 pz.kpfw II luch pz.kpfw II luch1 pz.kpfw II luch2 pz.kpfw II luch3 pz.kpfw II luch4

How to install:

Unpack the archive to the root of the game, confirm the replacement

Download: (221 Mb)

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