MOD: HD models from 9.13 Part 1

Hello Warriors,

The first part of the new HD models of tanks, which will appear in the update 9.13.


All models, you can download and install in the “Patch 9.12” as the mod.

In the archives there are tanks:
WZ-111, Type 97 Chi Ha, WZ-131, SU-18, SU-152, KV-3, KV-5, IS-6

121306_original (1) 121306_original 121492_original 121688_original 121997_original 122244_original 122451_original 122808_original 123085_original 123292_original 123422_original 123749_original

How to install:

Unpack the archive to the root of the game, confirm the replacement

Download: (199 Mb)

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