Mod gun Chaos for WOT 1.4.1

If you want shot hit the aim it is necessary the server and the client sight agreed. Otherwise, a positive result will not be. Sometimes to aim correctly and sight converged bur expected result did not happen. This is the case when due to desync sights projectile flew in the wrong direction. All due to the fact that the client sight had to come together but the server is not.

Mod gun Chaos will help avoid such situations because it has available 2 scopes. Now the gun will be induced according to two scopes, and this will help to avoid the de-synchronization. In such case, the shot will be much more accurate. The only drawback of mod is its chaotic twitching guns. Author of modification are Spoter and reven86.

IMPORTANT! It should be configured to include the item “Use server-sight”



Copy res mods folder in the game folder


Mod gun Chaos (161 KB)

2 thoughts on “Mod gun Chaos for WOT 1.4.1”

  1. Mark_14 says:

    so it’s like an hack?

    1. That One Pro says:

      no its simply a server reticle

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