Mod free camouflage for World of Tanks 1.0.1

Now you do not need to spend your gold for the purchase of camouflage. You can get it for free

Camouflage special role  or special advantage in battle does not have. It is more aesthetic than practical necessity. But nevertheless to buy camouflage is not so easy. To do this you need to spend gold, which can be spent on more useful things.


Today we present mod free camouflage in the hangar and in battle. Mod completely legal, as your camouflage will be see only you and pleasure of it will get only you. But it is free!  Enjoy.

Authors of mod are tratatank + WOTsite.



Copy folder scripts  in  WOT / res_mods / 1.0.1/


Free camouflage(531 KB)

10 thoughts on “Mod free camouflage for World of Tanks 1.0.1”

  1. rizky r says:

    it’s legal sir ?

    1. wotPlr says:

      its just a skin…. it’s not an actual cammo that gives you an advantage.

  2. Krs says:

    Game crushing

  3. robster123 says:

    Is there a way of changing the skin?

    1. Jericho_0 says:

      Hey just in right corner next to the compare button low right corner select what ya want and roll out 🙂

  4. _Marciano_ says:

    Hi liked the Idea of the MOD but seems that I can’t find a way to control it. To change camo and such. I keep having blue almoste ocean like camo on forests and such. I even had a almost navy blue camo while fighting on a desert.

    is there any way to change this? a little bit like the camo picker the game uses?

    apart of this a blue camo and a dreadfull-pleaseshootme-camofrommars. You guys did a pretty good job

  5. maki says:

    how to only my tank has a camouflage? Is that possible?

  6. Davie says:

    Any idea how to install this?

  7. Cone says:

    Doesn’t work propertly on , cant change camo i want and all the settings dont work either.

  8. basuro says:

    excellent mod

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