Mod for arty World of Tanks

We present useful and interesting modification for arty. Mod called “Nezabutka”. Mod is able to remember the exact location of the glare tank and display this information not a minimap but artillery sight. This marker will be shown 30 seconds, and then the marker will disappear. For convenience, you can manually adjust the time using the wl_enemy_spot.json file. The modification will be useful especially for beginners. Mod is legal and officially allowed by developers. Author of mod are guys from Warlance.

For mod, use Notepad ++ editor.


365 568


Mod  for arty “Nezabutka” (30 KB)

2 thoughts on “Mod for arty World of Tanks”

  1. mike says:

    just started using a mac, can not get battle asstisance to work, i am not sure if i downloaded and put into folders correctly. need some help please. downloaded client folder then dropped it into my remods 9.15.01 folder on wot, did i do this right?

    1. CCC says:

      try button “G” or mid mouse
      i think so

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