[] Mod: Damage indicator ver.4

Author Dikey93 a nice Damage indicator for World of Tanks



Damege Indicator v4


Damage-indicator dikey93 (396 Kb)

9 thoughts on “[] Mod: Damage indicator ver.4”

  1. Sam says:

    Causes my game to crash after loading a map (9.9).

  2. Reggy says:


    Same happen to me. This indicator stopped to work after years with version 0.9.9. Something has changed.

  3. eiffel says:

    doesn’t work, stop WoT when it is starting… and I tested this mod ALONE

  4. Beals says:

    confirmed broken in 9.9 don’t bother with this mod

  5. Grouser says:

    game stop when starting the map

  6. xstratax says:

    What I found, it looks that all damage indicators causes WoT to crash at loading of map

  7. uhni_bo_nevidim says:

    u can try other MOD “Accurate” which is working corretly in WoT-0.9.9… there is FULL version with scripts and not this one SWF file only ^^

  8. csgo weapon says:

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  9. Razzee says:

    What is this counter? Reload time?

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