[] Direction guns enemies on the minimap


This mode indicates where guns are directed tanks enemies on the minimap. It is a huge advantage because you will know where the enemy is aimed gun and can successfully go shooting and escape. The mod is compatible with update

Addition 1:


Addition 2:



Copy the folder scripts in WOT/res_mods/


Direction guns enemies on the minimap (0.1 Mb)

Addition 1 (700 Kb)

Addition 2 (720 Kb)

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  1. probe and the mod, I feel very good, thanks the interest in giving to the community, but still have errors, (starts well, normal, but with the passing of the days impairs gameplay, on the minimap sometimes deletes flags, but I spend ami full play to boot me (a place in mistake) the solution? reinstall WoT: ((I use the mods of your page, but this is faulty, please correct it) thanks

  2. Do you know what CHEAT means? CHEAT is a game-breaking addition, or program, that gives unfair advantage to the user.
    This doesn’t give ANY unfair advantage to anyone, since whoever wants to use it, it is possible, and nor does this breaks game mechanics.

    Cheat would be e.g: if you could mod your tank to have 0s reload time, and have 999 penetration, with 10000000 damage. Anyways, no ban for this, I use this mod for half a month now.

      1. I have the RED variant working however 1 issue, it does not show the Tank type on the map like it should in the images above, do you know the fix for this (I’m not a noob, tell me the script edits involved if needed)

  3. If you could turn this into an all-in-one mini map mod that also shows tank names and last known position that would be really nice

    1. I cant use XVM because it makes my game run really bad. I tried using this with Locastans minimap mod and it wont work right. Do you know of any mini-map mod that shows tank names and last known position which will also work with this? This is why I request an all-in-one mod! Thank you anyways

  4. is it posible to combine this mod with xvm?
    is your mode able to show last spoted position of enemies, circle of spotting and square of drawned tanks?

  5. I installed the mod and it seemed to run fine. But the only version it will show is the red lines. Is it possible to get the green triangular-shaped indicator instead? Like the one shown in the top picture? I haven’t installed any of the additions. only the one labeled: “Direction guns enemies on the minimap-0.8.9 (1.5 Mb)”

  6. 0.8.10 messes up this mod in Arty mode….. This mod has a nice green aiming box on the Minimap but the new wot version warps the aiming box. Can this be fixed to how it was originally??? Please someone…..???

    1. check your config XVM. By default, you find in hotkeys.xc:
      “hotkeys”: {
      // The only supported keys are:
      // “Backspace”: 8,
      // “Tab”: 9,
      // “Ctrl Left”: 17,
      // “Ctrl Right”: 163,
      // “Shift Right”: 161,
      // “Esc”: 27,
      // “Insert”: 45,
      // “Delete”: 46,
      // “Page Up”: 33,
      // “Page Down”: 34,
      // “A”: 65,
      // “C”: 67,
      // “V”: 86,
      // “X”: 88,
      // “F1”: 112
      // “Caps Lock”: 20

      “minimapZoom”: {
      “enabled”: true,
      “onHold”: true,
      “keyCode”: 17

      if you are keycode=17, probably you are a mod who disabled this function… only solution : install one by one mod and test for eache install :/

  7. minimapa.swf nao funciona quando trabalha junto com meltymaps…
    também não faz zoom quando pressionado o CTRL….
    façam ajustes…. se alguem souber como editar postem…

  8. Great information. Lucky me I discovered your blog
    by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve saved it for later!

  9. Damn deadbeat cowards, grow some balls and l2p instead of scumming like scared little children resorting to using cheats. Your results dont mean a damn thing when you use crap like this, your stats are only showing the effects of the hacks you are using.

  10. Oh and fwiw, this mod is considered a cheat by WG and it is now baned from use on all servers, get caught and you account will be closed down.

  11. Direction guns enemies on the minimap works, but after inserting Addition 1 or 2 not load battle. Thus, if I file minimap.swf correctly inserted into the folder 0.9.5/gui/scaleform.

  12. It’s clearly prohibited.
    Look at these infos (WG official): http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/339063-policy-on-prohibited-modifications/

    Scroll down or search for:
    “Mini Map modifications that passively provide information to the individual player without the use of active teamwork”

    At the second instance there is a spoiler picture that clearly shows this mod is illegal therefore you may get banned if you use it.

    “Players found to be using illegal mods (as detailed below) will be penalized based on the severity of the infraction. We’re also actively looking into more effective ways in which to monitor the use of banned mods.

    Modifications to the World of Tanks client (and other products) that provide an unfair advantage against other players will warrant a restriction upon the players account.”

    Have a nice day!

  13. That video will get claimed, over 10 seconds of a cutscene with music behind. And when I use that GFX enhancement mod, everything turns super slow and my inputs get a sudden heavy delay. Why is that?

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