[1.4.1] Mod Chameleon – 3D skins for tanks WOT

We introduce new and improved Chameleon mod with  3D skins of enemy’s tanks

The advantage mod “Chameleon” is its bright 3D tank skins, which will display the weaknesses in the enemy’s armor. Due to use bright 3D skins you will clearly see the enemy’s vulnerable locations  of tanks (roofs, towers), and also distinguished shots made by you or your allies.

In mod 3D skins only included in sniper mode for the rest time, you will enjoy the graphics and quality game. Besides mod chameleon has excellent results shooting at a long distance. You can get to the enemy tank even for sticking a couple of pixels.


26 25
If you use key NUMPAD6 you can turn on and off mod.

Because of advantages mod applies  to prohibited. For use of this category  mods you can be punished in the form of a ban or block account.

res_mods \ 1.4.1\ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod Chameleon.xml


сhameleon_mod (7 MB)

7 Replies to “[1.4.1] Mod Chameleon – 3D skins for tanks WOT”

  1. This mod works but has a big problem: sometimes it blocked the controll of the tank… you can not use the mouse anymore…

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