[9.7] Bulb sixth sense is displayed for 10 seconds

Mod increases the duration of the sixth sense bulbs up to 10 seconds, just this time your tank is visible to the enemy! Standard bulb sixth sense developers disappears after 3-4 seconds. With this mod you will be informed when your tank is no longer visible to the enemy. It would be safer to leave and change position for comfortable shooting.

This mod is compatible with all lights modified (changed pictures).


Download and unzip the folder “scripts” in this way: WoT/res_mods/0.9.7/


SixthSense (662 Kb)

2 thoughts on “[9.7] Bulb sixth sense is displayed for 10 seconds”

  1. giorgos says:

    can you make it for 9.8? plz tnx

  2. ghwrth says:

    not qworking on !!!!!

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