Mod: Minimalistic sights for World of Tanks 9.9

Author: MR_TEZ

Minimalistic Sights – minimalist series of sights, do not contain a different, distracting graphics.




To install a mod, download and unpack.
“res_mods” folder from the archive put here: …\World_of_Tanks\

Download sight:

MS_0.9.9.1 (630 Kb)

4 thoughts on “Mod: Minimalistic sights for World of Tanks 9.9”

  1. lem says:

    The screenshot is in english, mod is in russian (MSSetting.xml).

  2. lem says:

    Doesn’t work correctly with 8.5.

  3. Kenny says:

    Not working with 8.10

  4. arrgh says:

    Would like a fully functional version for 8.11 or at least english comments how to adapt it.

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