[0.9.21] Minimalistic Sight Blue-Light

Meet another version of a blue Sight, which was collected from the other popular sights.  Player Dado_Ze has collected together all the most famous sights in one and get a unique and beautiful blue Lightstone sight. The sight is compatible with the latest update 0.9.21


How to install:

Unpack sight to the root of the game
Download and install fonts.


Blue Light (1 MB)

5 thoughts on “[0.9.21] Minimalistic Sight Blue-Light”

  1. spenta89 says:

    Please update for 9.12!!!

  2. spenta89 says:

    Please update for 9.13

  3. afd says:

    please post install instructions

  4. JoaoVLA says:

    very good

  5. Snidel says:

    How can I setup the blue circle?
    Mine is still green

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