Minimalistic sight Bad Boy for World of Tanks

Bright, high contrast, minimal scope from author BadBoy78 .

Today players more prefer minimalism in the sights. A large number of unnecessary information in the middle of the screen, which only distracts tanker – all this is not popular today. Players  prefer a minimum of information, but useful. Such sight we are present today.

Minimalistic sight BadBoy for World of Tanks It is necessary to note the fact that the mod does not influence on FPS for slower computers. Bright, contrasting colors that are visible on all types of maps. Also as soon as sight will be ready to shot you will see; the inscription “Ready”. Minimum elements maximum benefit. Averyone great results on the field of battle.


shot_154 shot_152 shot_151


Folder mods copy in WOT /


SMP_BadBoy78-1(2.15 MB)

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