Micro patch for World of Tanks on April 1st

Today, April 1, was published a new special Micro Update for World of Tanks

Tankers! We would like to inform you about new Micro Update for World of Tanks  that was held 1 st April. In this regard work all mods installed before will stop . The  folder with number of game modifications has been recreated and now all mods did not work.

If  previously you loaded mods in a folder with the number World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.14 now folder converted  World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \

You have 2 ways to recover your mods:
– Rename the folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ (all old mods back)
– Restart mods again


List of the most popular mods and modpacks you can find below:

Aslan’s XVM Mod 9.14.22



3 thoughts on “Micro patch for World of Tanks on April 1st”

  1. SwordArtOnlineTwo says:

    i have a 0.9.14 and a not sure which one to click and rename or what to do really

    1. SwordArtOnlineTwo says:

      i use svatekl2 mod pack btw

      1. kylo says:

        With svatekl2 I just copied everything from 0.9.14 into Most mods are still working

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