MeltyMap’s Miracle & MagicalMod 4.4.2

Super Mod obtained from the Chinese forum and adapted player ruined under the British server.


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MeltyMap’sMiracle&MagicalMod features:
– Three Futuristic’s sights for Arcade and Sniper Mode
– auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode
– eight type of central marker
– six type of gun marker
– three type of dynamic speed threshold circle with loading indicator
– dynamic speed threshold circles for arcade and sniper mode
– dynamic speed threshold circles for strategic mode, with size dependable of map scale and current zoom
– old server side cross-hairs
– accurate damage indicator with 15s timer countdown
– displaying current camera zoom level in sniper mode

MeltyMap’s Protractor Mod features:
– Minimap enhancement
– Minimap zoom
– 445m spotting circle on MiniMap, with configurable size
– Maximum distance of drawing view box
– Gun Arc Critical Angle rulers
– Gun Constrains lines for MiniMap
– Precise vector strategic cursor for MiniMap
– Gun Direction lines for MiniMap
– Orange alert when battle timer reaches given time amount
– Effective armor calculation for all vehicles
– In-Game real-time clock



Res_mods folder to copy and paste a folder with a game.




3 thoughts on “MeltyMap’s Miracle & MagicalMod 4.4.2”

  1. Grinix says:

    Will this mod ever be updated?

  2. Don says:

    Does this mod works on 9.18?

  3. Don says:

    This mod works on 9.18?

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