MeltyMap’s MathMod 1.0.2 for WoT

This mod was sourced from the Chinese Community Forums and is under development by MeltyMap. Adapted to the world of tanks 1.0.2

Update: 12.06.2018


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MeltyMap’s Math Mod 1.0.2

MeltyMap’sMathMod features:
– Minimalistic, Futuristic and Effective design
– Auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode
– Dynamic speed threshold circle with loading indicator
– Dynamic speed threshold circle for arcade and sniper mode
– Dynamic speed threshold circles for strategic mode, with size dependable of map scale and current zoom
– Old server side cross-hairs
– Accurate damage indicator with 15s timer countdown
– Displaying current zoom level in sniper mode
– Target reloading time display
– Target chance to spot player in percentage and color coded distance display
– Target armor in current aim
– Player tank gun penetration in correct distance
– Target armor arc and penetration possibility


MeltyMap’s Protractor Mod features:
– Minimap enhancement
– Minimap zoom
– 445m spotting circle on MiniMap, with configurable size
– Maximum distance of drawing view box
– Gun Arc Critical Angle rulers
– Gun Constrains lines for MiniMap
– Precise vector strategic cursor for MiniMap
– Gun Direction lines for MiniMap
– Orange alert when battle timer reaches given time amount
– Effective armor calculation for all vehicles
– In-Game real-time clock

Update, fix:
fixed zoom script’s now mod is compatible with Battle-assistant.


  • Download and unzip
  • Folder 1.0.2 Copy and paste the folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods


MeltyMaps.Version Andre_V   (1.5 Mb)


MeltyMap’s ProtractorMod 09701 [Critical Angles]

Arty MeltyMap sight 

380 Replies to “MeltyMap’s MathMod 1.0.2 for WoT”

  1. sir may I ask if you can make a color green crosshair of this? thx! and also the meters. my friend is asking color blind mode because he is color blind. sorry for my english

      1. how to install?
        Installation said:
        “Folder 0.9.5 Copy and paste the folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods”
        =to what folder? or copy and paste “TO” the World of Tanks/res_mods?

    1. Your mod is awesome, but now on update 9.0, game crashes after “first screen” shows! Please help me if you can to solve my problem and continue to use this mod! P.s. I downloaded this, as you say, todays update, but when i unzip it, still there is 8.11 folder, and with those files its not working….

  2. May I ask when an update to this sight may be uploaded? I’m usually not one to prune mod authors/uploaders, but this mod is one of the most elite sights I’ve come across~

  3. Your mod is fantastic…….how about a 8.5 update….I ran your mod as is and i could not zoom in in sniper mode


  4. Hi great mod use it all the time and yes I am addicted to it. Great job!!

    Any idea when the ETA will be of the version for WOT 085?

    Keep up the good work!

    TIA !

    1. the mod came with a no scroll ability, or xml file rather. Remove it in your gui folder, its name is “noScroll.XML” remove that and you can scroll into sniper mode

  5. you can remove the minimap increase?

    or you could tell me which folder to eliminate the increase

    or you could change the button of increased “control” to “E” key

    could specify the function of each folder the following readme of the mods

    comfortable for easy installation

    1. can anyone tell me if this mod has been fixed yet for 8.5? last time I tried it I was unable to go into first person sniper view, has this been fixed now?

      1. Yes, it has been fixed. When 8.5 came out this page still had 0.5.0 out. The camera zoomout portion of that mod broke in 8.5. Shortly afterwards, however, 0.5.1 was released without the zoomout portion and works perfectly with 8.5.

        1. how to remove the map feature that it enlarge the map to center of screen whenever i press the ctrl button??
          it seems to be cool , but i am experiencing a bug on that.. i cant click on some area most of the time,

  6. Dearest developer,

    I cannot zoom out. I am running no mods except for this one MeltyMap’s MathMod 0.5.1 for WoT 8.5. Please help. Thank you.

    – AJ

  7. I have problem with this mod I can not use it because my game closes by itself all the time, as soon as I go in and check tank tree so close it off my game. It also shuts off when I should go in and see what I can upgrade my tank. Please help me solve this problem. I’ve even try others of your mods and have the same problem. some info also is that I’m running the game on Swedish. And I’m running with nvidia graphics card.

  8. how to remove the map feature that it enlarge the map to center of screen whenever i press the ctrl button??
    it seems to be cool , but i am experiencing a bug on that.. i cant click on some area most of the time,

  9. Many thanks for this “MeltyMapsMathMod” this has shown me alot of information and has improved my game play 6fold, allbeit, it is a help mod but you would get all the real information in a real tank just like this, brings the game into more realism gameplay, have noticed alot in the last 5 games of installing this, gongrats on a very good mod. REP POINT ADDED TO YOU:)

  10. brilliant mod thank you melty
    but …
    worked on 8.5 , on 8.6 doesn t work
    i ve replaced my folder with this one ” updated for 8.6″ and still don t work
    it pops me back to desktop after i launch the game with the mod.
    i tracked down the problem folder, but don t know what file is wrong.
    after removing the SCRIPTS folder frome res mods “leaving everything on place” the game starts.
    can anyone fix this please?
    thx advanced

  11. Perfect mod but actual i can only zoom to factor 8 in 0.8.6 sniper-mode and not to factor 16 like in 0.8.5. Any Solutions for that ?

    Regards, Frank

  12. I also have the Problem with the disfunctional Armor Penetration info. Whereever i am aiming it gives me a 100/150 Value. The Crosshair Color change works though.

  13. For me I have the problem that battle does not start when using the mod. If I remove the control_modes.pyc battle starts, but without all that pen and angle thingy in crosshair.
    It was clean reinstallation of client 0.8.6.

  14. I have to combine this sight with “certain” zoom mode. But I still love MM’s 4-8-16x zoom!

    and I got 150/100 problem too lel. But it’s still okay for now, it still show enemy’s armor in green/red 😛

  15. Please rework the load indicator! Make some sort of big green blob that lights up immediately a shell is loaded, and stays lit until you fire. as it is now all you get is a short ‘blip’ telling you that you’re ready to rock n roll. Other than that -Great mod!

      1. I removed the BattleTimer.swf file and it is still conflicting. I get to the load screen and it never enters battle. Any other suggestions on how to make it work?

  16. How can I disable the jumping of the gun at firing in sniper mode? The mod don’t use the in game configuration of no effects in sniper mode.

    Thank you

  17. serves the 8.6 update in america?
    because it does not work?
    any way to remove the map with key gain “control”?

  18. Hi.
    First of all – MetaLogaN is your wish (what you think) is a self fish. I think better idea will be create configuration file for setting colors, size a font etc. What you think, it will be better ?

  19. love this mod.. i would just ask that you make the light blue colors of this mod easier to see. the light blue is a little TOO light making the sights and numbers very difficlut to see at times, otherwise an amazing mod sir.

  20. Without doubt, the best WoT mod out there, I love it! These days it’s the only mod I use, but I do have a couple of requests for additional features:

    1) Tank model names appearing on mini-map. I’ve seen this in other mods and it gives you a quick overview of the battlefield so you can identify weakspots and enemy movements, not just locations.

    2) A hull direction line on the mini-map. You’ve already got a directional line for the turret, could you include one for the hull as well? It helps me steer better!

    3) Removal of the scope shadow when in sniper mode. Helps to give better peripheral vision when aiming down the scope.


  21. Waiting for the fix for 8.7. Great mod other than that.

    Is it possible to change the colors and transparency of the sight?

  22. “MeltyMap’s MathMod 0.6.4 for WoT 8.7” Are you sure ?

    Pls be sure for 8.7

    BigWorld Release Client (compiled at 15:31:09 Jul 9 2013) starting on Wed Jul 24 15:48:34 2013
    Checking ./res_mods/0.8.7: mods found
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “scripts/client/”, line 6, in
    File “scripts/client/”, line 5, in
    File “scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/”, line 3, in
    File “scripts/client/”, line 2, in
    File “scripts/client/”, line 13, in
    File “scripts/client/helpers/”, line 3, in
    File “scripts/client/”, line 31, in
    File “C:\Users\meltyMap\Downloads\serverAim\serveraim\”, line 22, in
    File “scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/”, line 3, in
    File “scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/DynamicCameras/”, line 31, in
    File “scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/DynamicCameras/”, line 39, in ArcadeCamera
    AttributeError: class ImpulseReason has no attribute ‘EXPLOSION’
    EntityType::init: Could not load module

  23. The test mod works fine, but i don’t like the zooming to much. Why is there standing test? Are you making a different for the game normal servers?
    Great Mod though!

  24. works but: 10 zooms are to much, 4/8/16/30 would be fine and zoom couldnt be switched with mousewheel. would be nice to fix this. big thx to u guys 😉

  25. So far so good I believe…

    Just one small thing : in-garage the clock + day is still in Russian.
    What is a ‘среда’ ??

    …oh, it means Wednesday I guess lol
    Any chance to change/adjust or even remove this ?

    Not that I mind a small course of days in the week in Russian 🙂

  26. 1.
    map didn’t work -> meltymaps protractor-mod for filepathing and used these files from 8.6 meltymaps

    can’t change sniper view to normal view using the mousewheel

    hitfeedback doesn’t work (still the old one wehre you can’t see the direction)

    1. 3.

      tested the mod again / without others (clean)
      -> old 8.6 hitfeedback still missing

      tested on multiple different computers
      multiple downloads of the mod (to be sure that the first data wasn’t damaged)

      ==> still same result: hitfeedback / damage indicator is missing


      After a wotclient-update ~10mb the clock appeared (after! the 8.7 patch).
      I don’t think this clock is part of this mod.

      The “ingame real time clock” meant is the clock in the upper right corner in a battle (if i’m correct).

  27. Armor indicator (my own tank) in bottom center is missing. Need i turn it on ? Cant fix it. And clock in hangar is in russian language.. P.S. minimap zoom (ctrl) i fixed with xvm mod configurator.

    1. use the old 8.6 ” MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml ” in gui/flash for 8.7 (delete the 8.7 one)

      -> will get the old map + damaged module timer + armor indicator

  28. Thx Cyril for the adaptations! I found that the combination NoScroll = True and the extra zooms don’t work together (did work in 8.6). Any idea how come?

    1. Sorry, it’s not the combination, but the fact that I changed the extra zooms (I prefer the old setting with 2-4-8-16 and maybe add 24-30). When I do this, it reverts to standard settings.
      And indeed the armour indicator doesn’t work properly, as noted above.

  29. I liked this addon mainly duo to the rulers on the arty showing me how much space i had the zoom higher then 16 is abit too much if you ask me, cant wait until its working properly

  30. Whoa, folks, leave him be. The author is most probably some college senior writing his thesis or a father of two kids or both. In other words, he might have a real life. Honestly: either be patient until it’s done, or quit playing WoT, learn XML and flash programming and update the mods yourselves.

  31. :p Everybody hellou
    trying to find glick with the scrooling from normal view to sniper… no any ideas how to do it correct work with x30 zoom, but after some playing tests i understand that is great gadget of zoom.
    i only open russian config and trying to port it on 0.8.7. couze i understand russian
    waiting 4 meltymaps mod couze i dont have anymore ideas how this mod to port ;(
    in russian webs of mods 4 wot ther is animated-5 with mod of armor

    1. Delete NoScroll in gui file.and zoom will be working correct.BTW if u want delete clock-its russian language there delete logos in flash file.Enjoy.

  32. Is it able to get back the recoil when shooting? I don’t like the no-recoil thing as it does not feel as good when shooting with big things.

  33. How fix scrool zoom? Find ZoomX.xml in gui folder. Must be like this:

    "True" – включение много-ступенчатого снайперского прицела
    "False" – отключение (равносильно отсутствию мода)
    если данный файл(gui/zoomX.xml) отсутствует – равносильно "False”


    значения устанавливаются аналогично оригинального gui/avatar_input_handler.xml
    возможно определить несколько значений до 10 включительно
    разделение значений знаком “пробел”
    возможно устанавливать не целые значения. например 0.5, 0.7, 2.8 и т.д.
    параметр в этом файле работает исключительно с True

    2 4 6 8 10 12 16 20 24 30

    Did it helped?

  34. F**k you need NoScroll.xml file in the “gui” folder if U have problems scrooling to sniper mode with mouse.


    Change it to False. Thats all. Sorry, to much vodka. 🙂

  35. Hi I love this mod continue like this, but I would just ask one last thing, I want the sniper mode is activated as in the previous version with the mouse if possible please thanks a greeting sorry for the English google translator

    1. pls read other comments before posting – it is explained 4-5 times in the last 2 days….

      go to: games/worldoftanks/res_mods/0.8.7/gui and open the file NOSCROLL.XML with the editor – then set in the line: true
      the text to false – like explained in the file…

      problem solved….

    1. actually i find the setting
      gui/flash/ MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml


      set 0 for instead 17

      and if u use the ctrl the minimap dont be huge

  36. Thanks Guy’s for this mod pack i really love this and really appreciate the continued update on when the patch’s come you guys are up to date …..Really would be lost with out this mod pack , cheers guys 🙂

  37. why does this update not let you zoom in and out of Snipper mode useing your scroll wheel anymore its stops zooming in just before sniper mode so that i have to hit shift now to get in and out of it

  38. Guys i cant get it to work. ir eally love and need this mod. can someone explain to me how to put it on my computer. im an idiot can u explain in dummy words?

  39. I like it but the gun dispersion it shows is so much different than the server side dispersion (the circle dose not match up with the server gun dispersion so i think my shots will be accurate but they fly off and miss) or is there way to fix it?

  40. Cant see armor bar on bottom. I deleted all other mods. Made new folder but still the same… Any ideas? Is there other people with same problem?

  41. as you remove the map zoom mode control?

    because sometimes I can not mark on the map with the mouse?

    NOTE: the super zoom sniper mode is not legal in the game, I will remove

  42. here’s how to fix the zoom (can’t zoom past the gun barrel) problem with the latest melty’s
    go into res_mods/gui folder and right click on NoScroll.xml and click edit and change the true to false, save it and thats it, just reload world of tanks.

    1. thanks this works with all versions to date 8.8

      have no idea which file you can edit the resulting press zoom “control” key?

      may be this:

             gui / maps / ingame / aim /
             64 64
                 13 0 26 13
                 13 13
                 26 0 39 13
                 13 13
                 39 0 52 13
                 13 13
                 0 0 13 13
                 13 13
                 0 13 21 34
                 21 21

  43. thanks this works with all versions to date 8.8

    have no idea which file you can edit the resulting press zoom “control” key?

    may be this:

         serverGunMarkerEnableTrue serverGunMarkerEnable
           64 64 size
               13 0 26 13 mapping
              size 13 13 size
               26 0 39 13
               13 13
               mapping 39 0 52 13 mapping
               size> 13 13
               0 0 13 13
               size 13 13 size
               mapping 0 13 21 34 mapping
               size> 21 21 </ size

    or could tell me alter that file thing?

  44. This version of isnt ok. I tried it with XVM 5.0.1 test 1.
    It contains only some basic features. Some calculations doesnt work (f.e. other player reloading time, …)
    It contains some additional settings for enhanced RadialMenu (it overwrote my own settings, and all texts was in russian).


  45. sniper mode always says x4, arty mode not a damn thing works (auto gun set, shell travel time nothing… only the blue server reticle works), and why the fuck’s this metlymath so different from the previous one?
    Can we get some damn consistency with this mod instead of things constantly changing?!
    And can we get a mod that actually works?

  46. sniper mode always says x4, the center of screen reticle does’nt change size with zoom

    arty mode not a dang thing works (auto gun set, shell travel time nothing… only the blue server reticle works),

    and idk what else isn’t working – this mod’s in such a mess right now I stopped trying to figure out how many different ways its messed up right now.

    and why the heck is this metlymath so different from the previous one?
    Can we get some consistency with this mod instead of things constantly changing?!
    And can we get a mod that actually works?!

  47. a way to set the zoom is too sensitive?

    -the sniper zoom indicator on the distance correctly says no, just say x4

    -on the menu the menu options do not come reticles to choose which you want to see

    -anyone else have problems with fps?

    -the menu by pressing z out in Russian?

    someone else happens? any way to correct it?

    the lead time is taken from the original?

      1. I discovered the problem just delete the folder called: Scaleform

        found: scripts / client / gui / Scaleform /

        anyone knows how to look reticle options in options? I see only normal mod not

  48. To remove the Russian radial wheel menu you have to go into scripts>client>gui>Scaleform.

    Delete both of the things titled radialmenu

  49. mod_deggies&melty_pricel_8.9 поставил этот прицел но на об416 угн посередине экрана в файле менял труе на фалсе но не помогает что не так

  50. game doesnt load with the “test” version uploaded here as of this posting. well, GAME loads but battles stay on the loading screen

  51. yea, im enjoying the zooms and all taht but i believe therei s a problem, the aim time needs to be calibrated, its off and well i know its off, that’s because the aiming circle doesnt decrease at all when my gun finishes reloading and when i shott right after its done reloading the bullet goes way off, but when i wait for like 1 sec after the reloading the shot goes in the right direction.

  52. What other files do I need besides the DamageIndicator.swf file to get the just directional damage indicator working? It only stays on my screen for 2 or 3 seconds before going away.

  53. Great mod, having an issue though where the sniper mode view turns with the hull. How do I get the turret to stay in the direction i’m already looking when turning the hull and in sniper mode?

  54. hey man not working for me for 8.11 atm game crashes right after starting up, i know its because of this mod due to the fact i only use this mod and without it the game starts fine tyvm gl and keep it up

    1. This is constantly happening to me too. Hope they will fix it soon, this is the best mode! Without it I am like half skilled – I cant hit enemy tank 😀

  55. This does NOT work for 8.11
    Im not getting crash but if I go to sniper mod and exit it there is still blue circle on the spot where I was aiming in the sniper mod. Its bugged, looking forward when its gonna be functional just like on 8.10

  56. hola pero cada vez que borro el archivo NoScroll y entro al juego se queda en la barra de carga y no avanza mas al inicar la batalla espero lo arreglen porfavor

  57. There is a new strange behavior with the Zoom indicator now. ZoomX works fine. I put my old settings in there and it functions normally.

    For troubleshooting purposes I temporarily installed a separate zoom indicator (outside of Melty’s coding) just to see if it’s actually the zoom that’s different, or just the numbers that display. That indicator will tell you the correct zoom factors: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 16x, 20x, 24x, 30x.

    The zoom indicator that is part of Melty’s older versions used to match in and read normally. But now it reads as: 2.22x, 4.44x, 6.67x, 8.89x, 11.11x, 13.33x, 17.78x, 22.22x, 26.67x, 33.33x. The other indicator still reads normally.

    I tried looking for different variable differences in the old and new, but I’m stumped. Anyone else have this issue? I have screenshots if anyone wants to see them.

  58. Although this mod has potential with the additional information it tries to expose, the reticle is poorly designed. I’d suggest going back to the original, standard diagonal reticles and build upon that.

    The current reticle of this mode not only poorly delivers new information but it does so with standard information as well. The gun position reticle is incredibly inconspicuous and makes the player hesitate to when shooting in arcade mode because it is not clear whether the target is locked or not. Reloading countdown is not visible enough. The problem comes especially apparent with tanks with magazines. Everything is too transparent and too many visual elements are non functional and thus distracting.

    As I said, this mod is promising with potential and it would be a shame if it didn’t get the chance to fulfill it.

  59. I had a part of this mod working with deegies crosshair mod before 8.11, which was the top screen part that showed where you got hit from and how many seconds expire after youve been hit. Is there any way to strip everything else out of this mod and just have that?

  60. I noticed if you just delete the NoScroll file the game doesn’t work. So you just have to open NoScroll with Notepad and in line 11 change:


  61. The game be activated. But the program is not completed correctly is aborted at the end of the game.
    It is bad “aim.pyc” cause.
    Time stamp is troubled file “2014/2/10, 18:52:31” of.

    I was able to repair time stamp is obtained from another site file “2014/2 / 10,19:14:20”.
    I do not know the difference of their program.

    The display position of the display angle of fire and clock shifts If you turn off the “mini-map” also.
    Is this a problem from a previous version?

    1. go in your wot map/res_mods/0.9 and then delet all expect the “readme” data, then you may kill 😀 the xvm map too, you find the map below the 0.9 map

  62. Thanks to all team that u made this mod and this game easier. Can u please place here some guide, how to place all folders or subfolders to res_mod 9.0 right way to avoid crash of launcher. Thank u

  63. I can confirm the same fault, the game starts to load but crashes to the desktop before you even get into the garage.

  64. I tried to solve this problem. Seems me the problem is with file /res_modes/9.0/scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/control_modes.pyc

    I removed folder “scripts” and game started. BUT crosschair is static permanently on left side and zoom is working but I am not sure if it is 30x

    Can u fix this file please?

  65. Is there any chance that 8.11 meltymap adjusted to 9.0? this 9.0 download files are different from previous 8.11 files. some files are missing. and 30x zoom does not working and server reticule not working too. and the forum one I am using it now. but it looks like without xvm mod installed that server reticule does not working. i am not sure. just the 8.11 here had fine server reticule and 30x zoom standalone. so I liked it.

  66. Mod NOT WORKING for world of tanks 9.1
    Please update, can’t play without it 😛
    Screen freezes on “refreshing crew members” after login.
    After deleting application from flash folder, map not loading at all.
    Please make it work 😉

  67. Dear developer, the mod isn’t working for version 9.11.

    The game loads but it gets stuck on “updating tankers”. I uninstalled all the other mods and tried with this one in isolation to make sure it’s the root cause of the issue.

  68. Hi there, i’v used this mod for 5 or 6 patches now. love it. But, 9.1 update for this mod isnt working for me. I downloaded this 8mb zip, instaling or configuring is a ‘no brainer’. When i log into my game account, screen gets locked in ‘updating tankers’ indefinately. I have no other modes, no tweaks to game files – clean 9.1 patch isntaled. Cn some one help me out please ? Thanks in advance.

  69. I have the same problem as Moonshiner, but the screen with text “updating tankers” appears with every single mod, so it’s maybe problem with 9.1 patch, not with this mod

  70. if you “only” need the mod to work, 1. delete the xvm folder (inside the 8mb zip file) 2. inside the 0.9.1/gui, delete the flash folder 3. delete these .swf files: “battle, DamagePanel (not sure if it’s to be deleted, but i deleted it anyway), and anything below the MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml BUT the Minimap.swf 4. that’s it, the mod works, with some bugs tho
    *this alternate way came from comparing the 9.1 mod with the previous 9.0 mod, if you have questions, download and compare them by yourselves
    *no hard feelings, eh, author… but this 9.1 mod’s attempt to “improve” the mod turned out to be buggy

  71. Ok, so well done fixing it for 9.1, but … Whats wrong with minimap enhancements, server side aim ? Is this no longer a part of the mod ? These were only reasons i was using this mod, espetialy server side aim … Sufice to say then, another mod gon falt ? ….

  72. love this mods but since 9.1 sniper zoom mode not work, dark screen when press shift
    please fix this problem. thanks:)

  73. playing on 9.1 when in sniper I get a pure black screen which means that I’ve been unable to use this amazing sexy reticle mod. It’s one of 2 mods I use but the second only affects the startup screen and the cog loading animation.

  74. Mod is awesome but when I press “shift” there is a v. dark sniper mode… everything is black. How can I fix that???

  75. How do you edit the size of the reticle? If I remember, last patch it was actually smaller, and now it feels much larger. How would I make the reticle, say 50% smaller? I thought I was on to something when editing MeltyMapModSetting.xml but it only changed the size of everything that wasn’t the reticle

    1. i try it for my one in not like before but close only in zoom on move i thing is big … go to.. 9.2/ scripts / client / mods / sights.xml ….. open with notepad and -1.0 do it 0.5

  76. In 9.1 the screen goes black in sniper mode with regular tanks, but not with Artillery. Is there something I copied wrong, or is it a common Problem?

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  78. hey guys..Its great mod i like it but i have a little problem with this mod…When i get zoom in i cant see anything but crooshair and tank icons … just pure black nothing…Anyone can help me with this. Itss too boring, this mod is great but i cant use it

  79. I love this mod but the new version for 9.2 isnt working, freezes at game loading screen, bar gets full but never enters game.

  80. 9.2 MOD never loads to game. Stuck at comstruc and have to exit game and delete files from Res_Mod folder to get back in. No other mods installed.

  81. Will not work for 9.2
    Don’t waste your time with this one, like most sites.. only the name changed to 9.2… its not updated.

  82. Mod it’s awesome, but doesnt work on my computer. I use only xvm and zoom out.
    The battle dont started, screen freezed on loading the battle. WHY?
    Anyway why blue colour is used as default? This colour sux! The rest it’s the best!

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  84. ok this may be a retarded question but i’ve tried to download it and i don’t see it anywhere in downloads or anything….so is there like a video or something on how to download it??

  85. Since the new update I have not been able to adjust my zoom greater than 8x. Is there a way to increase that and I am just missing it somewhere? Thanks for the help, great mod.

  86. Hello, with MeltyMapsMathMod09401Test the wot (9.4) quits to desktop upon launching.
    python log shows this:

    Checking ./res_mods/0.9.4: mods found
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “scripts/client/”, line 12, in
    File “scripts/client/account_helpers/settings_core/”, line 1, in
    File “scripts/client/account_helpers/settings_core/”, line 4, in
    File “scripts/client/account_helpers/settings_core/”, line 2, in
    File “scripts/client/”, line 27, in
    ImportError: cannot import name VideoCameraControlMode

    Can you fix this?

  87. Now it starts, thank you for the fix! I was able to merge back some functionality that I used: disabling mouse scroll to enter Sniper Mode, and the damage direction indicator. One thing that I still miss is the circle on the minimap.

    1. confirming this. stops in 3rd person view, sometimes temporally fixed by going into sniper mode. other than that, working great.

  88. hey I really appreciate your work on this mod, and I’m looking forward to it’s completion.

    Is it possible to get SafeShot folded into the mix?

    Rogue_Phoenix (NA)

    1. conflict appears to be in /scripts/client/CameraNode.pyc. If I don’t use the one from SafeShot, it doesn’t work, and I put a shell into a teammate’s engine the other day because of it :/

  89. Meltymap is my favorite, both the crosshair and protractor mod. Feels unnatural for me to play without them now. I’ve been using the Test 2 version and I just wanted to report that the reload timer is off. For me it always stops at 1 second and for auto loaders it stays at 59 seconds. Also, the link for the protractor mod takes me to the 9.3 version which doesn’t work. I want to commend whomever does these updates and hope to see it continue. Many thanks.

  90. Are the screenshots up to date? version 9.6 isn’t giving me the green square-looking aim thing on the screenshot and it’s also not giving me the blue armor values on the bottom of the screen like in the 2nd picture

  91. why is this causing my whole in game so show up as null for everything
    please help me out on this mp clue why this is happening

  92. To have the circle in arty mod, go to res_modes/9.0/scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler and delete “control_modes.pyc” and it will work.

  93. Im running melty mods sights with AIO modpack.. I cant get the arty BATTLE ASSISTANT to work with this 9.6.
    It ran fine with 9.5 any help will do.
    thank you

  94. Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou. Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. by Euripides. fcdkbeddeebkdffk

  95. They can add to Mod pressing the Ctrl feature of the minimap is maximisa in the center of the screen as you have so many Mods.

    1. Could you please 9.7… reload indicator and shell counter is not working, reload indicator stops counting on autoloaders after 20 seconds or so. Shell counter when autoloader has just loaded and has full ammo states: “No ammunition”or was it “Ammunition is empty” upon pressing reload macro.

  96. could not install this mod, somebody help me plzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was copied the Mod into world of tank folder => res-mod , but nothing happened

    1. Res_mod -> patch# and then you paste in there its currently not wroking for 9.8 despite what they say though wait a bit.

  97. With 9.8 SD client, only this MeltyMapsMathMod09801 installed the client quits to desktop upon launching.
    Please fix it! Python log says:

    BigWorld worldoftanks 2.8.0 (compiled at 18:56:46 May 4 2015) starting on 05/27/15 22:06:57

    INFO: [Config] Default encoding set to utf-8
    INFO: [PY_DEBUG] BigWorld Release Client – Content Type: sd

    INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./res_mods/0.9.8: mods found
    ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
    ERROR: File “scripts/client/”, line 14, in
    ERROR: File “scripts/client/account_helpers/settings_core/”, line 1, in
    ERROR: File “scripts/client/account_helpers/settings_core/”, line 5, in
    ERROR: File “scripts/client/account_helpers/settings_core/”, line 2, in
    ERROR: File “scripts/client/”, line 26, in
    ERROR: ImportError: cannot import name VideoCameraControlMode

    Thanks in advance

  98. Don’t work
    This is the 0.9.7 version renamed to 0.9.8 and dont work, game crash on start
    from 0.9.6 to 0.9.7 the rename dir trick works, but not now, u got to compile cameranode.pyc and _init_.pyc again to the 0.9.8 version.. daaaahhh so fuckin obvious

  99. After installing mod into 9.8 folder causes game to crash after client load screen. Once you remove the mods game loads… Any bug fix coming down the line with ETA?

  100. sorry this mod does not work , well im sure there is a way to work around it but to copy and past into resmods folder , makes u go right back to the desktop and is unable to start WOT

  101. Hello,

    is the MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml is missing in the new one – isn’t it compatible any more or will there be an update?


  102. Hello, this mod have fails : “DamagePanel.swf” and “control_modes.pyc” did not work.
    The game crash.
    Thanks to remedly this problem.

  103. This is what im talking about!!! At last, an improved version of the old fashion melty mod. Congrats guys, keep this format for future versions.

  104. i have serious problems trying to ping some parts of the map with this mod, specially the k line. can you fix it please?

  105. The new version only has the very basic features, the gui overlay, pen of target, pen of ur shot, distance, reload, maximum angle of pen etc. no scroll zoom mod, minimap enhancements, (large map, 50m spotting circle, 445 max spotting circle 500 render square) are gone etc please fix the last version was amazing then 9.9 came out and now we have almost nothing. I really loved this mod last patch please update it, its the only mod i use.

  106. Can you give CLEAR installation instructions?!

    > download 9.8 (12MB) _OR_ (?!) 9.9 (0.7MB)

    >Folder 0.9.8 Copy and paste […]
    it says it is adopted to 9.9, so why you write 0.9.8?!

    Do something well, or don’t do it at all.

  107. I don’t know what happened to this mod. It used to be awesome. Not just that, but EVERY SINGLE TIME WoT introduces a new update, this mod doesn’t work even though it’s “updated” to the latest version. Like, I copy it in the right files (I know how to mod, I’m not stupid, so basic troubleshooting doesn’t work on me), yet when I click “Battle!” it shows the loading screen, all the tanks on both teams, and the bar on the bottom is loading…. loading… 100% loaded… game doesn’t launch into battle. Why?

  108. I put the mod as it should be in res_mods, but when I start the game and enter in battle loading screen, the battle doesn’t start. The game keep staying in the loading screen and I only hear shots and stuff, but never join the battle. Later when its over i get the result and thats all. Happens every time. Anyone know how to fix this?

  109. I like the mod I really do, but I find it horribly hard to see, especially on winter maps. If there could be added a way to perhaps change the color, maybe just a few preset ones, and also the opacity of the gui, that would make it truly awesome. I know this might not be easy to do, so even an instruction on how to edit the files in order to change this would also be ok.

    1. It’s embedded in the newsights.pyc. I’ve been trying to fix it for a while. If you use the pyc file from the older version then the crosshair panel is not centered. It’s off to the left for some reason. This is the only one that works. So we have to put up with it for now until Meltymap fixes it.

  110. Melty protractor still doesn’t work. Although i use IS and M4A3E2 to test.
    Some forums said it was a bug from battletimer.swf
    But this mod, in general, is very useful.

  111. Mod will not work since 9.14.1 update on 4-1-2016??? I have removed it and installed the lastest update I can find 3-11-2016, tried it with all other mods removed, still no go any ideas?

      1. I really don’t know it beats me too. It doesn’t have any flash replaceables or things of the sort. There were times when my mods would cause my battle not to load and it would be stuck at around the 75% mark while loading the map, but idk y now the game actually crashes before the login screen. I really hope an updated version comes soon, I’ve been relying on it too much to give it up now lol

      2. Version marks a MAJOR change in the in-game scripting language (changed from v2 to v3). This info was shared by Jove (look up Jove’s mod pack in g or youtube) in one of his recent videos… which you won’t understand unless you know Russian so you’ll just have to trust me on this one 🙂


        We’ll have to e patient and wait until the mod developers update their mods. Sorry abut the bad new but at least you’re not in the dark now.

  112. Please update this for 9.17
    I love the armor calculator at the bottom aswell as the penetration calculator and penetration angle.
    please i cant find anything to replace this mod…

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  114. Hey can you please update the installation instructions. Most mods are simple with just [res_mods] and [mods]. Where does [fonts] go? do i need to install the Andre V sight? if so how? I used to use melty all the time a couple years ago when it was updated every patch and it was just as simple as every other mod. Would love to start using it again and well, everything works like before except only numbers displaying are distance to enemy; everything else is a bullet icon for some reason (i’m sure its something to do with this [fonts] folder). few other issues too but you get the point.

    Also i would be interested in learning how to update the mod myself if you grow weary of keeping up with it. Feel free to email me or hit me up on Discord.

    1. Hey bro I need some help, where do you put “angle meltymap”, “fonts”, “scope meltymap” and “sight meltymap”

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