Mav’s Ultra Fog Remover for WoT 1.4.1






New, very useful mod that removes the fog on all the maps. Author: maverickblue. Minimap is compatible with the latest update

How to install:

Put the folder “1.4.1” from the archive along this path: WoT/ res_mods /


Ultra Fog Remover (180 kb)

8 thoughts on “Mav’s Ultra Fog Remover for WoT 1.4.1”

  1. Nanakya says:

    J’aime bien ce jeu et encore plus avec un mod ou des mods et je LIKE WoT 9.4

  2. upimi says:

    that dont work…. white screen!

    1. eiffel says:

      i confirm : white screen with WoT 9.9 !

  3. saladino says:

    is it working?

  4. saladino says:

    Does it increase or decrease fps?
    What is the spaces folder?
    (It was previously only the system folder, hence my question)

  5. michael says:

    Just tried this “Ultrafog” mod. Quite impressed. Couldn’t see anything but fog, and even tho the Kellerblue sights were horribly offset I still managed to get the most damage! Doesn’t say much for my team does it.

  6. Kanar says:

    Map Himmelsdorf big problem !!! Only black screen and marks tanks.

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