Mauschen in HD. Update 9.8


Are presenting you a heavy German tank level 9 Mauschen, which will appear in the update 0.9.8.  This tank has existed only in the figures, but despite this the team Wargaming fully restored it. Mauschen tank looks very powerful, in principle, it is true. This tank must be replaced by familiar to all VK4502 Ausf. B, which is also not historical. Mauschen.2

Mauschen.3 Mauschen.4 Mauschen.5 Mauschen

The main technical characteristics of the tank:



Health: 2000
Weight: 170000
Hull armor: 200/180/?
Turret armor: 250/200/?
Engine power: 1500
Max speed: 20/15 km/h
Rate of turret turn: 14,6 deg/s
View range: 370
Radio range: 740

Gun: 150mm L/31
– Rate of fire: 2,844
– Reload time: 21,096
– Aim time: 3,26
– Damage: ~750
– Accuracy 0,46

mauschen-armor-1 mauschen-armor-2 mauschen-armor-3 mauschen-armor-4

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