Master Ambush mod for WOT 9.18

Commanders! On our site you’ll find sights to suit every taste, hangars on any subject, a large number of different mods. But the analogy of today’s mod you will not find. We offer you a unique mod, which is only in beta testing, but it is very promising. Mod called Master Ambush. The main objective of this mod – to calculate your chances for glare after a shot at the enemy.

Features of mod:
– Calculation of your glare after firing
– Automatic calculation of the glare of your tank before the enemy
– Red color will inform you about the inevitable was lit in front of an opponent after the shot
– Green – you can safely shoot
– “Reserve for shot * m” – the stock for shooting in meters

Now this is only a beta version, and calculation in meters is calculated in fact that your tank is no movement. Be sure to note this fact. Subsequently, the author will refine and improve his mod. Author of mod is Bosomi.


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How to install:

Mod setting:
\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.18 \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ EP_configs \ MAmbush \ mod_EasyPack_MAmbush.xml


Mod Ambush (52 KB)

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