Map “Prokhorovka” updating 8.11 / 9.0

In the 8.11 update the hands of developers got to the lovely map Prokhorovka. I remember that card once already changed and is not very good.

Прохоровка 10


Прохоровка 9 Прохоровка 8 Прохоровка 7 Прохоровка 6 Прохоровка 5 Прохоровка 4 Прохоровка 3 Прохоровка 2 Прохоровка 1

Overall, the card has become more atmospheric: appeared on the horizon clouds of smoke from the shots. Also visible breaks from artillery shells. Now we see immediately that the card comes dressed up battle.

Map ”


” is heavily processed and it is likely that developers will not have time to release it to the 0.8.11 update.

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