[0.9.0] LowResAllInOne Mod Pack

These modifications provide a clean interface for better FPS on older computers. Compatible with 9.0 game version. Upd: 01.05.2014

To fans of my LowResAllInOne mod pack:

There will most likely not be a 9.0 update. In addition to the problem of the client not running at all on my old computer, I’m dealing with some family matters at the moment. Anyone whose parents have reached a certain age and stage of life knows what “family matters” really means. My pops has been to hell and back for me, and now it’s time to send him to heaven. Please keep my family in your prayers, however y’all like to do it. You can show your support without filling up the thread with off-topic conversation by simply liking this particular post. Never give up, never surrender, and keep on tanking.



LowResDDS — a (more or less) complete set of textures compressed 8x (speedtree 16x)
LowResEffEx — zeros out particle effects and tree swaying
LowResHUD — overhaul of the battle HUD for 720×480 resolution (or higher)
TopoMapMod — topographic outlines for the ingame minimap



No post-mortem tips
Scalable Minimap with direction indicator
Panels resized for less screen coverage
Crosshair panels with reload timer
Old style server side crosshair mod
Zoom mods (arcade and strategic)
High visibility ammo count
High visibility fire indicator
Less obtrusive drowning indicator
Tank and TD turret angle indicator
SPG gun traverse indicator
High visibility map borders
High visibility damage stickers
Permanent Minimap death
Extended sniper zoom modes (NEW!)
Optional scope shadow with crosshairs (NEW!)




LowResEffEx_0811 (310 Kb)

TopoMapMod_0811 (974 Kb)

LowResHUD_0811 (7.5 Mb)

LowResDDS_0811.zip (82 Mb)

25 thoughts on “[0.9.0] LowResAllInOne Mod Pack”

  1. Elite says:

    thanks dude It helped me in my game.

  2. War says:

    Excellent pack.
    I used to run 20-25fps on my old clunker, and with this setup I run a solid 40-65fps.

  3. kunawaro says:

    WOW. I was using:
    – AUmexh 3% textures
    – Millbarge effects remover
    – Game booster
    – 800?600 textures

    And i gained 15 fps for a total of 25 fps

    Now with this pack i gained 10 fps more!!! NOW I HAVE 40FPS

    This is what i was searching for!!!!

  4. Marr says:

    After installation I am not able to play anymore. The game is stuck at the battle loading screen, it loads and the battle doesn’t start for me.

  5. blabla says:

    how do i add this mod pack? I just but in res_mods. But that didn’t work

    1. Jurrubin says:

      Rather than place them under res_mods, put them into the folder for the most current game version under res_mods. For example, the most current game version is 8.7, so you would place them under /res_mods/0.8.7/

  6. Josef says:

    hi, thanks, thx, Great performace mod !!!

  7. Oscar Reyes says:

    My “must have mod” since 8.1 Thanks

  8. Raven says:

    Hello, I’m using your mod and its pretty awesome, i have an older laptop and its running pretty well, average is around 20-25 fps.
    Anyway i wanted to comment on your thread on the WOT forums but i registered to .eu and can’t login to .com. I wanted to give a feedback on your minimal dds you posted 10 days ago. It has some FPS increase, it probably gives like 5 FPS boost which is great.
    The only thing i’m having problems now are the lag when i push the snipe button and the smoke effect when i’m running over a car fence etc.
    When will you release the 8.10 version? Very looking forward to it even though i’m afraid we “low end machines users” won’t be able to get decent FPS to play.

  9. Thijs says:

    When will the 8.10 release be available?

    1. Valakrix says:

      nice question 😐

  10. Hey says:

    Heyy 🙂 when comes the 8.11 update for this cool mod

    1. Prychacz says:

      This mod working on 8.11.

  11. Hey says:

    The mod dont work for me in 8.11

  12. TheShadowEngineer says:

    Man, your mod ROCKS! It made my laptop – which is just a mere weakling – run World of Tanks with no big issues! 😀

    I appreciate really – and can’t barely wait for a version compatible with 8.11 😉

  13. Fuck you says:

    I THINK THIS IS EASY TO UPDATE THIS MOD AFTER 1 WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noob

  14. 15fps says:

    Do the 9.0 please.

    1. 15fps says:

      btw you could start doing the maps and models when the test server comes so we would have this alot earlier…

      1. 15fps says:

        Well now he is in HIATUS then. Great. I hope somebody can take his place now. Here would be a chance.

  15. Tommy says:

    I know some major things have changed, and more to come.
    I am unsure how future changes will affect this mod.

    Perhaps one or more of these mods will be smart to w8 half a year, to update.

    Could you give us some info about, if you plan on updating and how much work there is in it each time they change a map. Something like that. ?

    Please I could really use this 9.0

  16. Thomas says:

    It would be nice to see the sights part of this mod updated to 9.3 because i used to love this low res, smaller version of Jimbos reticle mod.

  17. igor says:

    Is this work on 9.5?

  18. Aryan07 says:

    please does it works on version 1.0

    i get 20 FPS please help me i uninstall the game

    please someone reply !

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