[9.20.1] locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4

The new version of the HD mini-map on the player locastan & ShuraBB.






How to install:

Place the downloaded archive in your World of Tanks game folder, usually …/games/World_of_ Tanks/

Changes of 9.20.1:

– Fixed the python parts for 9.20.1.


HDMinimap_Full-9.20.1..zip (44Mb)

30 thoughts on “[9.20.1] locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4”

  1. gather@naq.com says:


  2. Beck says:

    is this compatible with other mods? i run quite a few these days.

  3. Dario says:

    this mod has only one problem does not see enemies where they were scouts resolve it

  4. magic77 says:

    can u pls add the last position of enemies?


    1. blackmjmj says:

      i cant see the names of the tanks in the mini map can you fix it?

  5. Millenia says:

    Good mod^^ but instead of seeing the tank names on the minimap I only see a bunch of *invalid or missing Mmap.xml* eventhough I have it in Res_mods? Help please?

    1. WuggyLino says:

      did u copy the Mmap next to the 0.8.9 folder?

    2. janeo says:

      i have the same issue, can you fix it/? its not working

  6. WuggyLino says:

    Open with notepad the folder named “Mmap” then search for:true<! <—make sure to change it from "false" to "true"
    and change the color in white 0xFFFFFF<!

    1. WuggyLino says:

      search for marklastpos…looks like my comment is not showing all I wrote >,.,<

  7. mark stephens says:

    Locastan, this mod makes the garage crash when you select an unmanned tank, please fix this.

  8. Emilio_Lizardo says:

    I’ve got 23MBPS download speed and it take 30 min to down load this? What are you using…? Dial-up?

    1. KamenRiderBlackRX says:

      i’m using 2mbps internet wifi… it takes me just 2 minutes to download this. What’s your connection? Dial-up?

  9. Woll says:

    I have downloaded the latest (9.2) version and put the mmap.xml file into the res_mods/0.9.2 folder and I am still getting the error message “missing or invalid mmap.xml” message on the map.

    Also, how do I change the colour of the range away from red (like 8% of the population, I am red/green colour blind).


  10. Bryan Conner says:

    I love this mini map mod. But, since I have updated to 9.3 the option to show the large map does not function. I have even tried reassigning the toggle key to the space bar from the left control key using the included key codes. The map works fine, but only the small version, not the big version. The big map is enabled with true showing in the xml file. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Fox says:

    This version (9.3) seems to have a bug.
    When playing replays, the ctrl-arrow function is broken

  12. Juniper7 says:

    The only mod that I use nowadays, having tried other minimap mods I always come back to this. Simply the best minimap mod for WOT, thankyou for updating it always so fast mate! 🙂

  13. _Xelor_ says:

    I do’t know it’s just for me or others but in update for 9.7 on the map tank destroyers have square instead triangle when they are spotted. Please fix it 🙂

  14. _Xelor_ says:

    sorry these issue is only for enemy 7-9 tank destroyers

  15. DD says:

    I confirm this display bug mentioned be Xelor (wrong symbols for tanks destroyers)

  16. emo says:

    Game is crashing problem is in this mode dont know why

  17. john doe says:

    It want let me into the game, yes I placed the xml in the correct folder.

  18. BokiDeNiro says:


    This is my favorite MinimapMode , but there are bugs , some of the tanks last positions are not saved , it is the armor whose model name does not appear on Minimap ! Please fix it ! Thanks

  19. Malchek says:

    The mod is great but there a few things what annyoys me more then I could use it and I can tell this about the other minimap mods cause they have the same problem for me what are the followings: the spawns and capture flag circules are bigger and inaccurate. On some maps they are ok but on many other the flags are dislocated with 5-10 meters. And on the minimap their icon looks slightly bigger then in the vanilia just like the arrow. If they were fixed then I would be really happy.

  20. Matt says:

    9.9 worked flawlessly but 9.10 is full of issues. It doesn’t show the last known locations, will display an enemy vehicle on the map as spotted but the enemy is no where near there, it shows my allies are in some locations but they aren’t actually there, and vehicles on the map that are within my viewrange I can’t actually see (I’d assume because they aren’t actually there).

  21. axl says:

    in this mod (9.10) there is a bug .
    More tanks appear in the center of the map that does not exist.
    is possible fix it?

  22. ElectroFusion says:

    I want to show TANK name on small (default) minimap when I press L-ALT but its not working. How to configure?

  23. your mama says:

    Shouldnt take 10 fn minutes to download a mod, other sites I download a mod in seconds. Also, why isnt locastans minimap configurable like it used to be? Everythings in russion and binary code. Rediculous shit.

    1. your mama says:

      Found it, delete the chinese and russion ones and use notepad + to configure.

  24. Javimon7 says:

    Domwloaded and instaled right, but it doesn’t appear in the middle of the screen. Wich key have to press? Control?

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