KISS Interface XVM for (08.12.17)

KISS Interface. XVM for World of Tanks


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Features KISS Interface (XVM):

Using XVM Client 6.7.24 fully customizable in the XVM.xvmconf file. Does not require the installation of teh XVM-Stat files unless you want to see player stats
Custom Over Taget MArkers (OTM) via XVMConf, stock markers can be used
Custom minimap via XVMConf, stock minimap can be used
Battle Loading Background Screens included
Custom vehicle icons, other icons can be used
MyHitLog show the hits you make on the enemy
Custom damae panel and hit log shows teh hits you have taken and damage to components
Custom debug panel with artillery traverse
Capture Flag indicator
Custom ammo and artifact icons
Custom crewmembers and tank icons in the hangar
Clock in the hangar
So this is the Battle Interface I use.


kiss_xvm (14 Mb)

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