[] J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod for WoT

The original one was by marsoff. Redesigned and optimized it.

Author: J1mB091 & Grabaah





How to install:

Copy the “mods” folder to: “/…/World of Tanks/”.

Files from optional folder put inside “/…/World of Tanks/mods/x.x.x.x/”.


– World of Tanks v1.9.0.1 supported


J1mB0Crosshair_Mod_ (1.46 Mb)

31 thoughts on “[] J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod for WoT”

  1. anno says:

    The arty mod does not work

    1. kaan says:

      thx my brother. .

  2. Shock says:

    This mod is not working,when i press battel i wait for get on all tanks but i cant play cause on the screen show me like loading and i just see me not connected,what is wrong with this?

  3. Hi, i was donwnloaded yesterday the new version 8.7 of WOT and the next download was Jimbos Aim Mod… 🙂 I use this a long time and know how to install this. But yesterday i got a problem. I can start the game and it loads until the map, but than will be abbort the load… can you help me please?

  4. Shock seams to be the same problem like me…

  5. Deathmaker_NN says:

    Tested on v.8.11. All’s OK.

  6. Supyo says:

    possible to get 30x zoom with this crosshair?

  7. john daily says:

    Thanks for posting.

    Why is arty shell travel time removed?

  8. читы says:

    I such as the precious details people provide in your content. I will take note of your current site and have a look at yet again listed here generally. I’m just somewhat a number of I’m going to master several brand new things right in this article! All the best for!

  9. Tosten says:

    it does NOT work for version 9.0 !

    always the same crap ! fucking hippster page

  10. Nevoran says:

    Works Very well with 9.0 but i why are the Shell Travel Time Removed. Was the best feature of Jimbos ….

  11. 00Parts says:

    if you download the file there is no crosshair_sniper (aim circle) ??

  12. mxteo says:

    What kind of idiot removes best thing with this crosshair? Why the hell shell travel time is disabled/removed?

  13. teabags4all says:

    There is no reticle in arty mode for this mod. I have used this mod since 8.6(updating with each patch)

  14. BadKitty says:

    I really liked how this looked so I downloaded it and it looks nothing like the pictures.

  15. Lina says:

    Crosshair mod doesnt show the new Zoom Indicator what are introduced by WG with 9.15.

  16. GAMETIPS says:

    Great web sitewebsite! It looks extremely professional! Keep up the helpful work!

  17. Sta te briga ko sam... says:

    Is there activated 16×25?

  18. loles says:

    why the file size is not 2.1 mb

  19. Gabriel says:

    Hello, I love your work and I was hoping to get that new crosshair mod, but the file you uploaded is still the v1.08 instead of the v1.61… Could you fix this please ?

  20. Alan Roig says:

    NOT working as of because AIMING circle is missing

  21. Peter Jancso says:

    aAfter installing this mod, I lost all of the gun sounds, even tried installing sound mods, but didn’t help. Any suggestions?

  22. rado84 says:

    The file “crosshair_scripts.wotmod” is outdated! So, if anyone experiences an unexplicable self-closing from the game, remove that file. The file in question contains absolutely the same as the file “tv.protanki……….wotmod” and since the game loads the mods alphabetically, it simpy skips the “tv.protanki” file, leaving you with an outdated file that crashes the game.

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