J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod #2

A New Crosshair Mode of the player J1mB0’s. Compatible with World of Tanks 0.9.22Author: J1mB091, Grabaah

Image 3

Image 2 Image 1


Changelog 1.27

  • – World of Tanks v0.9.22 supported

Installation – Crosshair:

  • Copy the “mods” folder to: “/…/World of Tanks/”.
  • Files from optional folder put inside “/…/World of Tanks/mods/x.x.x.x/”.


60 thoughts on “J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod #2”

  1. Mike says:

    Where do I find the file worldoftanks\res_mods

    1. toploader says:

      if you right click on the wot icon on your desktop and select open file location and res mods is there , if its not there then its because the mod you download want you to put it there.

    2. Andrew Pavlovic says:

      If you are on windows, click the windows key, then file explorer, then my pc, then local disk, games, World of tanks. If Res_Mods is not there, you do not have a mod installed.

    3. Nestor says:

      dentro de la unidad C: luego vas a buscar carpeta CAMES , luego WOLRDOFTANKS aqui habri carpeta y aca esta entra tantas otras..– suerte

  2. Cannonboy225 says:

    you can find it at computer/disk storage name(depens at the computer)/games/world of tanks/res_mods

  3. al says:

    it is not working :/ the game does not load

  4. stenley12 says:

    Tak m? ten zam??ova? 0.8.6.nefunguje!!! P?itom ten p?edchoz? 0.8.5. byl v poho!!!

  5. arx says:

    shell travell time is not correct

  6. Nicolas says:

    lalaalalal no working

  7. Speck says:

    Does NOT work with 8.7. The game does not load.

    1. Rhayader says:

      thank you Captain Obvious

  8. Rhayader says:

    Hey, any signs on when you will get ready for 0.8.7. update?

  9. west says:

    Cant get 8.7 to work, i can start a battle but the i get stuck in loading

  10. pswielkiguru61 says:

    ten mod nie dzia?a to oszustwo.

    1. kris says:

      oszustwo?a zaplaciles za niego?daj autorowi czas na modyfikacje,co za koles:(

  11. ShootYou says:

    does not work with 8.7

  12. _RRH_No_Name says:

    Yup he told us hes working on it. Calm down

  13. Alex says:

    delete avatar_input_handler.xml and the game will load

    1. west says:

      Works when above is removed

  14. Dino__PL says:

    j1mb0_crosshair_0.8.7.rar dzia?aj?cy mod 0.8.7 http://chomikuj.pl/dino_17/Gry/Wot+World+of+Tanks+mody

  15. aki says:

    Hello. How to set steps of zoom out?

  16. DieNameless says:

    Not working with 8.8 at all

  17. TAV says:

    wtf … i will copy / extract the files in my own res_mod-folder, but if i do this, any time comes a new, separate res_mod-folder inside my res_mod in 8.8.
    what the hell goes wrong?

  18. 4Romm says:

    Not working with 9.0

    I put the downloaded files in res_mod. In game crosshair is shown but cross and the aiming point are not overlapping but are on different places (side by side).

  19. Zachy says:

    I belive the artilery shot travel time is not correct.

  20. kris says:

    hey i got it..but its in down left corner, i can just see it,how do i move it to the very center?where to change digits to move it?
    thx for reply

  21. Gordio says:

    I like this scope. Can’t play without it 😀

  22. sharintojas says:

    why i still have the default reloading circle???

  23. MAGDALO says:

    works fine just copy all folder to res mode restart wot and enjoy! tnx

  24. Ryan says:

    Mod works except I have “undefined” on one side of the sight…what causes this and how can I get it to register my tank health?

  25. daniel says:

    oye tengo una pregunta, me funciona bien el mod y todo eso pero lo que quiero saber es que si hay alguna manera de que se desactive el entrar con la rueda de el raton esque no me gusta y prefiero entrar con el shift

  26. daniel says:

    I put you in English to make it easier
    hey i have a question, I mod works fine and all that but I want to know is if there is any way to disable that come with the mouse wheel esque I do not like and prefer to go with the shift

  27. ian says:

    Can’t use the download coz it’s for curse client. Where can I find the link for the non curse client? thank you.

  28. michael xxy says:

    u should use torrent server so download and save lot bandwidths.

  29. KamenRiderBlackRX says:

    Why does after 2 games the game lags and the circle on the sight is permanently on the screen even in the garage?

  30. Beet says:

    Version 1.49 not working… The game does not load, freeze on load map… 🙁
    This crosshair mod was beautifull!

  31. darnosail says:

    why I can´t open option i have just normal option without anything but without this so i have normal dispersion indicator. Know anyone how to fix it ?

  32. Ola says:

    Dear j1mbo!

    Keep up the good work! I was just wondering when there will be a non curse client for 9.10?

  33. Movie4k says:

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  34. Matt says:

    I downloaded this and it works fine, however, my sight picture looks nothing like the video. I have a black “x” and a white “X” as my gun sight, and center point. How can I change this to the circle/dot sight as shown above?
    “tanks” 🙂

    1. Gigi says:

      Same problem here. Switched itself after 10-20 games. The x sight is shit. I want the little dot back. Anyone?

  35. Renz2002 says:

    Is there already a new update of the mod for 9.14.1?

  36. I do not even know the way I ended up here, however I assumed this post was once good. I don’t understand who you might be but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already. Cheers!|

    1. sizzlin says:

      it is still good, just change the 9.14 to 9.14.1 and work with it, it works. Just not the way I like it.

  37. sizzlin says:

    WHY do the pictures show percentage (%) but when added to the program, THEY ALL show (HP) health points or hit points WHATEVER they are called ?????????

  38. Sean Ng says:

    I have Jimbo’s XVM mod installed with folder inside and how do i install this crosshair mod?

  39. csgo weapons says:

    Superb web page you’ve got going here

  40. psyartax says:

    crash the game,do not open the game…

  41. kryj says:

    “A New Crosshair Mode of the player J1mB0’s. Compatible with World of Tanks 0.9.16”
    9.165 isn’t supported. Coulnd anybody change description?

  42. condon says:

    6,4 kb\s wtff fffffff

  43. psyartax says:

    can you update for 9.17.01 version plz? thenx!

  44. Jimbo fan. says:

    jimbo is the best wot mod sight… because of the pointer.. visual and the 2 precision circles helping aiming and firing fast!
    i really do hope they will update it for 9.17 me and my friends.. we do miss it a lot!

  45. ROCKERBOX says:

    Can you let me access a download of jimbo’s crosshair without all the Norton, Mcafee, and other crap that I don’t want on my puter

  46. psyartax says:

    plz update to 9.17.1

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  48. Ignatius M3lee says:

    Jimbo is the best crosshair out there! i miss so much it while waiting for the update patch! go jimbo go!

  49. Christian Borghino says:

    Alguien podria explicarme porque no se me aparece la mira que quiero instalarle? La instale en la carpeta correspondiente reinicio el juego etc y no se me aparece en el juego (La mira jimbo es la que trato de ponerle) Agradeceria mucho una ayuda..

    1. Adalberto says:

      Solo extrae/copia la carpeta J1mBo a la carpeta mods de la raí z del juego. a mi me funcionó así.

  50. anonymous says:

    I know there’s a blue version of this but I don’t know how to change it

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