Improved minimap by Locastan without XVM for WOT

Hello everyone,

Excellent minimap for the world tanks. This mod includes the most necessary features that should be in the minimap of any gamer World of tanks. For the top tanks made little icons in another form to quickly identify dangerous enemies.

Mod updated for version

How to install:

Download and unzip to the root of the game, confirm the replacement.


Improved minimap by Locastan without XVM  (31 Mb)

6 thoughts on “Improved minimap by Locastan without XVM for WOT”

  1. Someone says:

    Nope, not compatible with 9.10 cause the screen stuck at “updating crew”.
    Please do not download.

  2. i hate purple view line says:

    i hate purple view line, how to change view line color

  3. user says:

    Bugs 2
    1. Bugs that continue to show a minimap middle of two enemy tanks
    2. The final spot position of enemy tanks should not be displayed
    ( It was clearly set options………..
    ‘marklastpos’ option section to ‘true’ in hdminimap.xml file )

  4. vyga says:

    mod is buggy, if enemy tank is not spotted anymore it shows that tank in middle of mini map.

  5. Bucko60 says:

    Buggy is a understatement…
    The Mod has many issues such as …. enemy tanks shown on the mini map that are not there and this can be right next to you. You can find yourself circling a rock to get a enemy that is simply not at the mini maps shown location…. enemy tanks that were spotted to remain spotted even though there are no longer at that location leaving the user to assume a enemy tank is at a location only to watch the enemy icon float across the mini map to the new location when spotted there. If dead and wish to go into spectator mode, half of the allied team locations disappear… as you scroll from player to player in spectator mode you see again a locations of “Lost ” allied team members but the other half then disappear and locations unknown . Completely missing from the Locastan version to this one, is the on screen view range indicator for each tank. Prior versions allowed the tanker to jump in any tank and see its view range adjusted “with” crew skills, and also with and without telescope if mounted. This corresponded to mini map view. This is extremely helpful to tankers who have many tanks and view range of each tank with crew skill adjustments not locked in their brains. This version just uses one line on the mini map and if telescope is in use, as it kicks in will show the new view distance. Unfortunately this mod at its early release is not ready for prime time and should not be loaded. Hopefully the new mod crew will quickly fix the issues so it can be used in game play, but as it stands now this version is not playable and should not be downloaded into game until some glaring issues are resolved

  6. sniperwolf79 says:

    same problem -stuck on updating crew

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