[0.9.14] Improved gameplay by Jove

Hello everyone,

We present to your attention a small pack of some mods by Jove, which greatly improves the gameplay.

The whole package mods does not weigh very much, only 100 MB, it is downloaded to our server, so you download it quickly and without any problems.

Package mods included:
Disable camouflage and inscriptions.
Improved color decals hits. Paintball mod

mods by jove 002

White corpses tanks and  destroyed light wagons

mods by jove 003

mods by jove 005
White downed tracks

mods by jove 004
Hit zones. Contour skin

mods by jove 001

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive.
Folder “0.9.14” copy and paste on this path: WoT/res_mods/

gamaeplay-improv.rar (73 Mb)


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