Icons female crew

Beautiful Icons female crew for World of Tanks 0.8.3


How to install:
To install a mod, download and unpack.
“gui” folder from the archive put here: …\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.3

Compatible with World of Tanks 8.3


Icons female crew (mediafire) (9.8 Mb)

One thought on “Icons female crew”

  1. your mama says:

    more of the same, female crews from 8.3 comon you serious? Why is it even here? Take it out, it must be 3 years old. Im sposed to be nice? Oh thank you very much for having no female crews but you advertise on internet as having female crew for 9.15.1 (current version). Thank you for making me come here for no particular reason except to find that you are bass ackwards. Oops was I being rude again. Does ANYBODY work here? Get your head outta yer ass you asshat.

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