man1aqContourMod for World of Tanks 1.5.0

Informative Icons for tanks World of Tanks 1.5.0 Author: man1aq_


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Copy the “res_mods” folder to: “….\World of Tanks\”


man1aq_contourmod_violet (1 MB)

man1aq_contourmod_premalt (1 MB)

man1aq_contourmod_unique_premium (1 MB)

man1aq_contourmod (1 MB)

man1aq_contourmod_fun (1 MB)

4 Replies to “man1aqContourMod for World of Tanks 1.5.0”

  1. hi
    thank you for you effort!!!
    How can i solved mirrored icon in battleloading pannel and in-game icon.
    when i use XVM, that’s ok but i don’t want to use XVM
    please help me

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