Huge hangar assembly + mod of hangar changes for WOT 9.15

We offer for you not only a mod but  a huge assembly which includes 50  the most popular and  various hangars + function to change  hangar only pressing one button.

Friends! We offer for you a functional and comfortable mod that can change hangars by pressing only one button. Plus for your convenience mod consists from 50 bright, popular and new hangars. Here you will find any hangar on your taste. Now easy and simple you can change the premium, holiday or base hangar. Mod adapted to version 9.15

If suddenly  you do not find what you were looking for you will be able to upload your personal hangar. How this can be done is written below.

– Download the necessary hangar
– Extract the  archive contents  in a convenient place.
– Open the folder spaces and delete the hangar_premium_v2 folder.
– Next folder spaces / hangar_v2, rename it like this – spaces / 1. (Instead of 1, you can write any name, but without gaps, instead use _)
– Throws all hangar folders that you extracted from the archive, with the already remote and rename  folder at the following path: WOT / res_mods / 0.9.15 /.
– Open the configuration file mod – \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.15 \ ChangeHangarMOD.xml and add your hangar (spaces / 1) in the line after.

To switch the hangar you need 2 simple steps:
1. Left click on the button
2. When the hangars selection window, select the desired and save
Author of the mod is player under the nickname goofy67


605 604 602 601 600


Huge hangar assembly (114 MB)

Mod of hangar changes (200 KB)



3 thoughts on “Huge hangar assembly + mod of hangar changes for WOT 9.15”

  1. Brutuz62 says:

    Wow this works like a charm and functions perfectly, many thanks for this mod.

  2. potatoe says:

    and add your hangar (spaces / 1) in the line after. yeah… line after what? which line even? such bad explanation at the end srsly

  3. Heynoway says:

    Love the mod but just wish people would update their hangers. All the hard work down the drain.


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