[] Hitzones mod from Jove for WoT

Today we introduce one of the most convenient and functional weak spot from Jove for World of Tanks 9.15.1.

As you know the category Hitzones  is one of the most popular and necessary in battle. Among the most popular are:

Hit zones. Contour skin
– BLACK & WHITE Hit zones. 

New Colored Hit Zones of the tanks

– Korean Random Weakspot Skins

The composition of combat vehicles in World of Tanks about 360 combat units. Each tank has its own, individual areas of penetration with strong and weak spot. Of course players can not physically  to learn all of them. But it is not necessary for this purpose was created mods from category Hitzones.

Today we are glad to present you one of the most convenient and informative mods from Hitzones, hitzones from Jove. This mod will visually show player all the weaknesses of the enemy tanks and all strong  places where the armor thickness is too large for penetration. Unlike the others mods in this category, hitzones from Jove have their advantages:

– First, the skin of penetration from Jove look very carefully and do not spoil the appearance of the tank. It was a big problem of many mods that category.


shot_310 shot_313

– Secondly, mod hitzones from  Jove show not only the right place for a successful shot, but also the location of crew members. These places will be visible on the tank by means of special icons. Now you can not only damage the tank, but also cause injury members of crew enemy tank.

– In the third with the help of colours mod will inform player about the most dangerous places for the enemy: red color will display all penetration places, purple color will show contours of the combat pack, green will inform you about the availability of engine and blue will show contours of the fuel tank

Mod was created by team: Kodoku, Shotter and others. Download and enjoy.

Folder vehicles in World_of_Tanks / res_mods / /


Hitzones mod from Jove (170 MB)

2 thoughts on “[] Hitzones mod from Jove for WoT”

  1. QJ says:

    Its an Exe file wich doesnt look great in tearms of Virus/Trojan….Im abit hessitant to try it just because its an exe file

  2. Jason says:

    yes it is an exe file but it is the best mod ever the reason its exe because you just download and run it you don’t have to copy paste or even add it to a wot file it does it all for you I just did this today it is probably the best mod I have ever ran it self installs in wot truly great mod cant wait for his next bad thing is it is in Russian if you know how to run a program you will have no truble clicking next and except

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