Hitzones from Pro Tanki for WOT 9.20.1

One more hitzones mod  with new advantages.

What can be more useful in battle as information about right direction of shooting. This kind of information give hit zones mods. As you know the number of combat vehicles in World of Tanks has 360 units. And with each new update that number is growing. Starting with 4 levels each combat vehicle has own degrees of reservation with a weak and strong spot.

As you can iunderstand for  fatal shoot for enemy you need to find weak enemy’s locations. With this task hitzones mods help you. But unfortunately almost all of them have one but very significant drawback. Because all breaking zones are marked with different colors tanks do not look natural and nice in a battle .


1448030172_shot_014 1448030177_shot_018

To not lose the aesthetic image but also help players in battle was created mod hitzones  from ProTanki. Also, this mod is called  “Estet”. Estet allows the player to see a normal picture of a tank in battle but when player hover the sight then appeare skins of enemy’s tank with penetration and reservation places. So you can enjoy the quality of the game and if necessary to get all important information about the vulnerabilities of the enemy.

In the archive, you will find a version of a permanent replacement skins.


Hitzones from Pro Tanki (255 MB)

Constant replacement of skills (256 MB)

20 Replies to “Hitzones from Pro Tanki for WOT 9.20.1”

  1. I downloaded the mod, and I put it under res_mods and then put it under the newest update. I went into the garage in WOT and highlighted my tanks and nothing happened. Do I have to go into battle, and if it does not work how do I activate it?

    1. put it under mods folder, NOT res_mods (see full archive path). And also under newest update folder. It worked for me when i ran wot second time

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