Hitlog & Damage Panel by kodos for WoT 9.10

Hitlog only – everything else from xvm was deactivated, except the advanced capture bar.


Hitlog + Damage Panel, the original one from Modpack by kodos. Damage Panel comes with repair timer, damage log & fire indicator



Hitlog with re-arranged UI


If your are using the xvm stats you have to set “showplayerstatistic” in xvm.xvmconf to true


kodos-hitlog-only-0.9.10-V-1.0 (9.2 Mb)

kodos-damage-only-0.9.10V-1.0 (9 Mb)

kodos-hitlog-panel-0.9.10-V-1 (9 Mb)

hitlog-kodos+minimap.rar (17 Mb) – test version

59 thoughts on “Hitlog & Damage Panel by kodos for WoT 9.10”

  1. Leon says:

    Thank you for this mode.

    Can you please tell me how I can move the logos above the tank icon?


  2. Smashx says:

    Hey I use WOT in window mode and the damage panel is off the screen and behind the ammo selection. How would I go about changing this?

  3. Black Knight says:

    I have problem with this mode, hit logo is at the bottom of the screen, and dont see anything. Demage panel is on place where he need to be, but hit logo isnt. How to fix that, what can i do :/

    1. Black Knight says:

      i found solution, open xvm.config file with notpad, pres ctrl+f, then direction, and u find this line, and fallow this instruction down there 😉

      For the Hitlog under the Playerslist you must enter at “X” 0 and by “Y” 450.
      One error is in this Hitlog, when you hit an invisible enemy the log doesn?t count this
      But thats no problem for me 😉 Thank You !

      “direction”: “down”,
      “h”: 400,
      “insertOrder”: “begin”,
      “y”: 450,
      “lines”: 10,
      “x”: 0,
      “groupHitsByPlayer”: true,
      “deadMarker”: “+“,
      “visible”: true

      1. You have it wrong! says:

        it’s not an error that it doesn’t show the damage done to invisible enemy’s, if it would it would be more like a cheat that you can shoot anywhere and if you hit something that it would show 😛

      2. Fluffy says:

        I can’t find that line what should i do?

        1. Fluffy says:

          Okey found it but i want it at the top of the screen how should i do?

  4. yoyo says:

    Nice mode thank you!
    Is it possible to display the tank names and not the player names in the upper left and right corners?
    For expl. when you click these little Icones” I + II + III”
    It doesnt display the tank names when I?m using the mod. Without mod it works.

    thx for help

  5. shah says:

    why my hit log not show? only damage panel show

  6. serek says:

    How to turn off showing other players stats when presing “Alt”?

  7. 2goXD says:

    Hi, where can i modify this mod a little.
    I want to move entire thing little more to the right (x: 269, y:default)
    In 8.5 there was .xml file, how can i edit it now ?

  8. jason says:

    Where to put the file?

  9. Jg says:

    Works well with 8.7 update.

  10. loglog1973 says:

    Hit log not working in 8.7

    1. Black Knight says:

      Work for me on 8.7 without problem 🙂

  11. Mrprorok says:

    Jak zainstalowa? ten mod

  12. bard says:

    and someone tell me how to drop below. hit log and that is at the center of the screen. but I wanted alongside a damag panel monitor 24 “dell
    which file to edit.
    changing hitlog.sts
      * Hit log (my hits calculator).
      * Log hits (the counter of his hits).
      * /
       “hitLog”: {
         “visible”: true,
         “hpLeft”: false,

         “x”: 235,
         “y”: -10,
         “w”: 600,
         “h”: 400,

         “lines”: 10,
         “direction”: “down”,
         “groupHitsByPlayer”: true,
    “insertOrder”: “begin”,

    parameter “x”: 235, at 295 == hitlog runs in the top next to the clock and ping
    how to lower it by 5-7 cm below

  13. ric says:


  14. Toza says:

    how to get 6 sense, as it was before. bulbs.

  15. Rapa says:

    please help me!! i need modify this mod!! i wanna see the name of players too…not just of tanks…someone can help me?

  16. Fiona says:

    Hi all, love this mod and is working great with 8.10 but can someone tell me how to make it a bit smaller and maybe move it to the left a little? i am using the rearranged on that is in the middle bottom of the screen, not too fussed about the position if it cant be moved but it is big so would really love it made smaller if poss.

  17. Jo says:

    Hello, can you please tell me how i can remove the ‘received damage indicator’ ? i dont really need that one so,… please help me

  18. FoTL says:

    Hey all..
    I cant seem to get the dmg panel to list the resived dmg, shelltype or tank model that fired the shell..
    Is this just me being dumb or is there a issue with it being worked on??

    Its for patch 8.11 btw..

    1. nvlad says:

      yep… me neither

  19. Olimpic18 says:

    Hello, verry nice mod, in special alongside xvm map, but, with this update, cant seem to make them work toghether, is there any way to do that please? Good job u did with both of hem, to bad we cant use them both:(
    Kind regards,

  20. rgranc says:

    FoTL (and anyone else): the file is for a version that shows RECEIVED damage only.

    See http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/200356-0811-kodos-hit-damage-log-mod-multilanguage-support/ for full hitlog/damagelog version


  21. Verm says:

    How do you get the centered damage panel??? Been looking everywhere for just this type of thing but I can’t seem to get the centered version to come up.

  22. Jwcswong says:

    How can i change the huge eye to the normal light bulb in this mod for the Sixth Sense skill?

  23. mati says:

    jak to zainstalować?

  24. ben says:

    Please make the hitlog only panel for 9.0 really needed! 🙂

    1. Wajky02 says:

      Hello! In the “hitlog-only-0.9.0-V-1.0” how can i disabel the mod that changes the health bar??

  25. ciapek says:

    Everything works. Good job. The problem is not a ricochet sound when the enemy shoots me. Can you fix it?

  26. Rene says:

    hitlog-panel-0.9.0-V-1.0 (2.85 Mb) do not work in colorblind kh. Rene

  27. Olimpic18 says:

    I cant hear when a shell is hiting/penetrating my tank, total silence, is it coz of me?Or it needs a fix?Or perhaps, u made it like that, if that so, can you please tell me how to make it work(for my problem).
    Thank you!

  28. blahblah says:

    hi how do you edit the size of the damage panel? i use a small monitor so it eats up my screenie

  29. PLEASE HELP says:

    After installation of the HITLOG ONLY, there are what appear to be red asterisks next to the enemy tanks and a skull when they die.


    1. PLEASE HELP says:

      I should point out that this has only occurred in the 9.2 iteration of the mod. Haven’t had this issue in 9.0 or 9.1, when I’ve had the mod.

      1. Del says:

        I have been looking for this mod for ages. The one with white asterixis for arty and the skulls when dead it was very informative because you can check out for arty at a glance. Any ideas how to get it please?

  30. Larvalis says:

    The one with Re arranged UI does not work.. at least it does not seem to re arrange it. It seems it is just the one from the second screenshot, in the 2 last links, but link number 2 has the hitlog on top of the damage panel

  31. Andy says:

    how can i disable that pop up message in the middle of the screen?

    1. Andy says:

      i mean that pop up that comes when you are hit by someone =)

  32. GyurcIT says:

    Thanks MASTER !

  33. #100 says:

    The Hitlog works fine. But the damage log doesnt… can someone help?

  34. Chat_Noir_ says:

    Read more https://tanksmod.com/hitlog-damage-panel-by-kodos-for-wot-8-4/

    you have to set “showplayerstatistic” in xvm.xvmconf to true

    xvm.xvmconf ? which PATH ?

  35. Prycek says:

    How can I ENABLE the damagae received pop up message? It’s disabled by default I guess.

  36. Looong says:

    The old XVM is broken in version 9.5, please update your mode with the lastest XVM (3681 build)

  37. hobbes says:

    somehow the panel and your maps dont work togehter. either one of them isn working if you put them together. can you maybe fix this?


  38. rudii says:

    Pls 9.7! Kodos pls 9.7!!

  39. Larvalis says:

    Cheers for the 9.7, love the mod you release.
    Just wondering what the red dot means, next to some of the players name?

    1. Larvalis says:

      Nvm. Shows who have not been spotted yet

  40. Sgt.Fisher says:

    Is there a way to turn off the changes to my hangar? I prefer the stock layout.

  41. pxxl says:


    9.8 PLZ!!!! NEEEEED your awesome mod! Kodos PLZ! ^^

  42. gremlin says:

    Is it 9.9 ready or not?????

  43. Mets says:

    Hello pls update Hitlog,minimap to 9.9 🙂 thx

  44. Larvalis says:

    Love the mod, keep up the good work 🙂

  45. Larvalis says:

    Been a hell the past few weeks without your mod 🙂
    It is the only one that has both a damage and hitlog panel, that is so well made. Looking forward to an update

    1. Larvalis says:

      days* 🙂

  46. SpaceRanger1 says:

    When are you coming out with your mod for 9.12/9.13…10.0???
    Been the best mod I got but need to keep up with the GREAT WORK!!!!

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