Hitbox skins of the tanks [1.7.0]

Compatible with the client version: 1.7.0
Package version: 2.1
Authors: StranikS_Scan, Kodoku & Co


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Your attention is drawn to the alternative skins. They have a light: the modules, crew, hit zones, vulnerabilities, top guns and geometry top tanks.

Design skins made ??based on the style of “Red Star,” the authors Kodoku & Lemon96. Different from the original: a new qualitative level of performance, more refined zone penetration and other.

The skins are available for the following tanks:

Germany: Mause, E-100, JagdPz E-100, Jagdtiger, E-75, VK4502 (P) Ausf.B, E-50;
France: AMX 50B, AMX 50 Foch, AMX 50 120, BatChatillon 25t, Lorraine 40t;
U.S. T110E5, T110E4, T110E3, T95, M103, T30, M46 Patton;
USSR: IS-4M, IS-4, IS-7, Ob.268, Ob.704, IS-8, ST-1, T-54.

Variants of skins:
The skins are available sized to 100% zoom effect * and without him in the following versions:


Shading with transparency (Classic)

Shading with transparency

How to install:

Extract the folder “vehicles” and its contents in the game folder “… \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.15\”.


Hitbox skins of the tanks (220 Mb)

1.7.0 will be soon

23 thoughts on “Hitbox skins of the tanks [1.7.0]”

  1. Franc says:

    Can you please add a FAQ about the description of the colors?
    I know all colors so far, but I dont know about the white one. Thanks!

    1. polanyi says:

      white is the radio module

  2. mati_1 says:

    niewiem co wpisa?

  3. mati_1 says:

    biewiem co wpisa?

  4. Franc says:

    Hello again:

    pink= ammunition
    orange=weak spot
    white circle araound gun = topgun

    what about the white areas? I have never seen them before

    Google translate / t?umaczenie Google:

    Witam ponownie:

    pink = amunicja
    zielony = silnik
    blue = paliwo
    pomara?czowy = s?aby punkt
    bia?e ko?o araound gun = topgun

    co z bia?ymi plamami? Nigdy nie widzia?em ich przed

    1. polanyi says:

      white = radio

  5. eyang_dubur says:

    what diferent between with izoom and without izoom file ? did i must donwload it & install all ?

  6. Greg says:

    25+ skins not working or missing, they have a filesize of 0.

    Please fix this ASAP.

  7. David Millecam says:

    can somebody give me a link for a 40x or even 80 times zoom I have 20 now

    1. Chris Hirntot says:

      google 128 zoom^^

  8. Andy says:

    Hello, are the new HD-Models included?

  9. mortuus says:

    does not work at all.. not tier 7-10 tanks that i have shows any skin on them….

  10. JR says:

    Nothing works with 0.9.0! It is not enough to change just the version number!

  11. me says:

    Doesn’t work for all tanks just a few. It is out of date and needs updated to 9.0. but if I was the mod maker i would wait until 9.1 as it is almost out.

  12. Poland says:

    Can You please make hitzones only with FUEL TANK? Becouse all other hit zones are useless. Its much easier and faster to burn fuel tank than damage ammo, engine or kill driver. When tank burn it lose HP imeddiatelly. Anything else can be repair fast without losing any HP.

  13. Seba says:

    It`s don`t fucking work on 9.1. What`s wrong with you people??

  14. pete says:

    how the f*ck do I get past all the bullsh*t adverts

  15. HELP ME OUT says:

    This is not working how do you actually put it in or maybe its not for 9.1 and I put it in world_of_tanks / res_mods / 0.9.1 and still does’t work god SOMEONE MAKE AN ACTUAL HITBOX MOD THAT REALLY WORKS!

  16. PhoenixDIE says:

    This Does NOT work, 08/13/14. Pls fix

  17. Paul E. Mason says:

    When I (free) download this, the file gets flagged by my virus protection as containing a trojan.

    Paul E. Mason

  18. Jorge says:

    Version 9.7 not work .Is7 fails is4 fails…..

  19. VL says:


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