Hit zones. Contour skin 1.6.1

Contour skin with zones of penetration (vulnerabilities, location modules, and crew) from Nooben. Also known as Icons skins. Update: 09.10.2019




How to install Hit zone skin:

Unzip the folder / res_mods/9.22/vehicles

Skins for which tanks are in the archive?

  • – 10 tiers of all nations
  • – 9 tiers of all nations
  • – 8 tiers of the USSR, China, Japan, France

list of tanks:

Heavy tanks 10: 
T57 Heavy Tank
AMX 50B (AMX 50 68t)
Heavy tanks 9:
AMX 50 120
Heavy tanks 8:
VK 4502 (P) Ausf. A
PzKpfw VIB Tiger II
M6A2E1 (Gus)
AMX 50 100
Heavy tanks 7:
AMX M4 (1945)
Black Prince
Heavy tanks 6:
Churchill VII
Heavy tanks 5:
Chirchill I
Matilda Black Prince

Medium tanks 10:
E-50 Ausf.M
FV4202 (105)
Medium Tanks 9:
M46 Patton
Bat Chatillon 25 t
Centurion Mk. 7/1
Medium Tanks 8:
Panther II
M26 Pershing
T26E4 SuperPershing
Type 59
Lorraine 40 t
Centurion Mk. I
Medium tanks 7:
Medium tanks 6:
Medium Tanks 5:

Tank Destroers 10:
object 268
object 263
JagdPz E-100
AMX 50 155 Fosh
Tank Destroers 9:
object 704
AMX 50 Foch
Tank Destroers 8:
T28 Prototype
AMX AC Mle. 1948
Tank Destroers 7:

light tanks 7:
light tanks 5:


63 thoughts on “Hit zones. Contour skin 1.6.1”

  1. Joe says:

    Need 0.8.4 New British Tanks

  2. Ed says:

    lol it needs a helluva lot more than just the british tanks. Need to add ALL of the tanks in the game to be effective. Yes, even the spgs. This mod has potential, but with only so few tanks, whats the point?

  3. Kaiz says:

    new updates?

  4. dj knox says:

    i downloaded this mod and i placed it to the right folder restarted the game and it still doesnt work please help thanks. p.s. you need to add more tanks by update

  5. incinerator says:

    Links are dead

  6. DK says:

    links still dead, any1 even checking this? i like these skins more then any else, its one colored and u can easly see it.

  7. Rasputin says:

    Please post new links for download – it was my absolute favourite mod in 8.7!

  8. Bandus20000 says:


  9. vilyan says:

    link dead

  10. Julien says:

    The links are dead ! please fix it , thanks by advance 🙂

  11. kubix says:

    I want to download this mod after wot update but i can’t do this. When i press button to start download this text shows up:
    “Not Found

    The requested URL /temp/Hitzone_Skins_by_KoreanRandom.com/KoreanRandom’s_contoured_2012.12.27.rar was not found on this server.

    Apache Server at http://www.koreanrandom.com Port 80″
    Pls repair this fault.

      1. kubix says:

        thx now it works

  12. FirstTimeIPlayThis says:

    Is this mod even allowed?

  13. Jiří Pálka says:

    When will the new tanks?

  14. Carlos Faria says:

    Doesn’t work in 8.10..

    1. André Schürmann says:

      yes it did

  15. jetli377 says:

    is the IS-3 skin fixed meanwhile?

  16. Liam says:

    It shows on some tanks, but not all from the list.
    I wonder why is that ò.ò

    1. g0thminister says:

      some tanks has now hd-models – some not 😉

  17. g0thminister says:

    no hitzone mod works atm with only modyfied installation-paths – we have now hd-tanks – so we need hd-skins, and that might take a while 😉

  18. 4Romm says:

    For 9.0 ready?

    Worked fine for me with 8.11. But when I put vehicles folder in res_mod 9.0 it doesnt work in game. Other experiences someone?

  19. mortuus says:

    stupid idiots why write it works on 9.0? i havent found any hit zone mod that work for all tier 7-10 vehicles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DISASTER for me…….,.,.,.,

  20. Paul says:

    Hi there can you make a lower tier one please i really need this this one is probably the best hit zones mod so please make a lower tier one

  21. Jiri says:

    It doesn’t work with patch 9.0 🙁

  22. Mallocor says:

    nice clean mods, love it please develop it more.

  23. Lady_Happy_CZ says:

    Does not appear on the T34, Cronwell and several others. Please add it.

  24. Poland says:

    Can You please make hitzones only with FUEL TANK? Becouse all other hit zones are useless. Its much easier and faster to burn fuel tank than damage ammo, engine or kill driver. When tank burn it lose HP imeddiatelly. Anything else can be repair fast without losing any HP.

    1. TeflonTrout says:

      Really. So it’s worthless to:
      cut a tanks manouverability by 75% (driver)
      Accuracy by the same (gunner)
      Double the loading time (ammo rack)
      One shot kill (ammo rack again, but not frequent)
      Decrease all crew skills by 10% and nerf view range (commander)
      Make it so he can’t report your position across the map (radio/operator)?
      Ammo rack is better than fuel tank; if fuel tank doesn’t ignite, which is usually the case, there is no extra benefit whatsoever- its just damage. If you hit the ammo storage, then even if it doesn’t detonate, you still double the time it takes them to load, which forces them to burn their repair kit if they still have it. In turn, they are susceptible to having a track shot off.

      Do you ignore status effects in other games, too? You’re missing out on a huge and fun aspect of gaming, my friend.

  25. ded says:

    hey, its nice mod, but can you add more tanks for us beginers from 4 end up 😀

  26. M4JORPA1N says:

    Missing a shit tonne of skins. I’d do it myself if I new where the actual ammo racks etc were located on the missing skins 😛

  27. Lady_Happy_CZ says:

    Hello, Please update to 9.2 for functional Foch, T110E5 … This shows just a few tanks, the need to revamp modified models. Thank you.

  28. Lady_Happy_CZ says:

    It does not work Maus. As a preview…

  29. Sascha says:

    This is one of the best hitzone mods I know. It will be nice if u can update ur mod more and more for all tanks from tier VI to 10.

    Thx a lot…

  30. Mix says:

    Great skin mod. More tanks please 🙂

  31. boom says:

    Great skin mod More tanks

  32. shadowerwtas says:

    Is this mod still being updated? Also how do i use those 2 folders? do i have to to merge the small one (12mb) into the large one and then put it inside 0.9.6 folder?

  33. BAMBAM says:

    What’s the difference between the 2 download links?

  34. PKL says:

    Love this mod. This mod should be in game option for all players and for all tanks.
    Keep up the good work.

  35. teh_TD says:

    T110E5 isn’t working for the skin, also would like to know if you will be doing all of the tanks?

  36. teh_TD says:

    sorry forgot to add – many tanks that should have them based on your list are missing as well

  37. 1ronFist says:

    great mod but is this allowed by WG?
    dont want to get banned or something

  38. To acquire him it’s superior to have the Great white shark at amount 10
    plus a hundred% plus unlock Hammerhead shark in whose selection you can view a set of
    fossilised enamel.

  39. Alex says:

    The only mod I use because it increased my results more signifikant than all others which I have tried. And it doesn’t disturb the game optics like other hitzone mods. But I’d like skins for more tanks.

  40. dejovan says:

    It’s just doesn’t work!

  41. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  42. James says:

    Just downloaded this for 9.14.1 and not all the models listed are working. Will this be fixed in later updates?

    1. Wiked says:

      how did you install it? do you install of the folders “russian” “american” and such and where do you put them? any help would be appreciated

  43. Wiked says:

    how do i load this? instructions simply said “unzip folder”

  44. troy says:

    how do i install it.? pls help

  45. scorpion says:

    It’s working on 9.17.01???

  46. Vainard says:

    Excellent mod, looking forward to more tanks and update to actual version of the game.
    Great job with that, thx.

  47. unknown says:

    servers are real real bad

  48. Razzee says:

    A mod from 2013 and no japanese tanks. ~.~

  49. vg says:

    Hi, is this working for version 9.19?

  50. jeremy says:

    I moved to res mods but it does not work. any idea?

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