[0.9.6][Crosshair] Adiyas Sight Scope V7.1

Well-designed, Historic sights for World of tanks. Author: Adiya. Version mode: 7.1


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Adiyas Sight Scope 0.9.x_vit (0.3 Mb) 

13 Replies to “[0.9.6][Crosshair] Adiyas Sight Scope V7.1”

  1. This crosshair works under 0.9.0! Just copy the “avatar_input_handler.xml” and the “scripts” dir from one actualized 0.9.0 crosshair mod. (tested with MeltyMap’sMathMod crosshair’s files)

  2. hey great mod when 9.6 come out ill you update it because this is the only mod I will use. its great please continue for 9.6 …….

  3. Why have u put ” 9.6 ” next to this mod name , when its not updated for the latest version u fucking retards ? This site is such a fucking trash

      1. No. No it doesn’t. First of all the folder in the zip is labeled 9.5. I put in 9.6 and it does not load. Shouldn’t there be a settings.mo file? There was on the HARDscope mods.

        1. Edit: It sorta works. Once in battle I have the german 8.8mm gun sight but the settings menu doesn’t have the historical sights listed so can’t change them.

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