[0.9.6][Crosshair] Adiyas Sight Scope V7.1

Well-designed, Historic sights for World of tanks. Author: Adiya. Version mode: 7.1


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Adiyas Sight Scope 0.9.x_vit (0.3 Mb) 

13 thoughts on “[0.9.6][Crosshair] Adiyas Sight Scope V7.1”

  1. komnan says:

    THANKS A LOT!!! this is the best mode a’ve ever seen

  2. gnoedel says:

    I fully agree with komnan.
    Just great!

  3. Derian says:

    T34 vs Tiger; Tiger scope! Very cool!

  4. Syrio says:

    They no longer work, there is any version for 9.0?

  5. Xundi says:

    This crosshair works under 0.9.0! Just copy the “avatar_input_handler.xml” and the “scripts” dir from one actualized 0.9.0 crosshair mod. (tested with MeltyMap’sMathMod crosshair’s files)

  6. rieben says:

    hey great mod when 9.6 come out ill you update it because this is the only mod I will use. its great please continue for 9.6 …….

  7. chickenman says:

    For 9.5 my games wont load when I have this mod installed o.O

    1. chickenman says:

      Nevermind!! Mistake on my end!

  8. grabasssz says:

    update this mod for 9.6 please 🙂 this is the best crosshair in wot!!

  9. Saifur says:

    Why have u put ” 9.6 ” next to this mod name , when its not updated for the latest version u fucking retards ? This site is such a fucking trash

    1. JTC3 says:

      It works with 9.6 bud

      1. Stab74 says:

        No. No it doesn’t. First of all the folder in the zip is labeled 9.5. I put in 9.6 and it does not load. Shouldn’t there be a settings.mo file? There was on the HARDscope mods.

        1. Stab74 says:

          Edit: It sorta works. Once in battle I have the german 8.8mm gun sight but the settings menu doesn’t have the historical sights listed so can’t change them.

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