Mod: Historical gun sounds 2.11 for WoT [1.6.1]

Historical Realism Mod Gun Sounds for WoT. Authors: Gnomefather, Zorgane. Update: 09.10.2019


Features mod:

Realistic shots

Realistic noise charge at gunpoint zoom

Good sound hits the tank

Realistic sound tracers arts


The last version of the mod v.1.6.1

What’s new ?
-Compatibility with 1.6.1

How to install:

Unzip the file and put res_mods in your game folder.


Historical gun sound (127 Mb)

74 thoughts on “Mod: Historical gun sounds 2.11 for WoT [1.6.1]”

  1. Claudio says:

    Hey the post says the version of the mod is 1.73 but the file in the link says it is 1.61 (OLD VERSION). WTF??

    1. SynSasiada says:

      I have installed this mod and my game doesn’t launch why? You said that it is compatibility with 0.8.11. GUI sounds v0.12 link is empty.

    2. kongoPL says:

      I have a request if you could change the sound of a shot IS-8? you know what? this which is E75. Please. Thank you

      1. kongoPL says:

        У меня есть просьба, если вы могли бы изменить звук выстрела IS-8? Вы знаете, что? это что E75. Пожалуйста. Спасибо

  2. Janos says:

    If i use gun rammer on BL-10, this is good? 1.72 version was good without gun rammer, and with gun rammer sounds delayed.

  3. JJ says:

    1.8 – not Compatibility with 0.8.7
    When loading status bar in finish game crashes

    1. Pipo2404 says:

      Same problem, i think there is a problem with the “script” folder in res_mod

      1. Morten says:

        Same, that sucks bigtime.. 🙁 Hopefully this will be fixed soon..

  4. George says:

    nev?m pro?, ale nefunguje mi to. Hra se p?i na??t?n? vypne.

  5. George says:

    I do not know why, but it does not work for me. The game stops when loading.

  6. Andrea says:

    me too when i apply all and start game it’s stop working and exit

  7. George says:

    exactly. does anyone know what?

  8. Marcel says:

    Same to me – would really like to enjoy GF`s great gunsound mod… :/

  9. Haehnchen says:

    it seems to be a problem with the scripts… if i delete these the game starts normally, but without scripts this mod doesnt work correct.

    so actually i think there is no way to use this mod :-/ without a fix.

  10. Junta says:

    yes its the scripts pls fix its the mod is incredible 🙂 ah and the gun sound on M103 with stockturret is not working first after the better turret it works!


  11. Bartek says:

    With game version 0.8.7 aplication crashes when loading – please fix this.

  12. dihoru says:

    My game is crashing before the log in menu. I followed the instructions as written in the Readme file.

  13. ales says:

    can u put in this version all the sounds of the 1.7.3 because in the 1.8 there is less sounds and it makes it a slately less nicer


  14. X says:

    Download link isn’t working.

  15. Kaz92 says:

    Top notch mod 🙂 Only one issue: some guns fire too rapidly and the firing sounds clip over each other, especially the Pz I C.

  16. Junta says:

    not working… no sound!? dont know why! installed like Readme .??? pls help me i want this sounds back

  17. Realdarkviper says:

    The DL link doesn’t seem to be working, does anyone have the files????

  18. Chas says:

    Umm, how do you find said directory?

  19. Austin says:

    This, or any other sound mod within a folder named ‘Scripts’, will work. I have put everything else where it needs to be, but eliminated the scripts folder itself (item_defs folder was still in res_mods 8.8) and it ran fine, without the mods working however. I have tried various other sound mods, nothing works with 8.8 (yet). Which, of course sucks, because I had some awesome ones for 8.7. A little upset I have to listen to the normal, uninteresting, and unrealistic sounds that came with the game? Weird how that works….I hope these and all sound mods (engine, radio chatter, etc. work soon.

    1. Austin says:

      correction *WILL NOT

  20. Realdarkviper says:

    to the auther I just wanted to say, love the mod. I have one issue though that I’ve noticed with it: it seems to make the game think that non-turreted TDs (Stug, E25, Su100, SU100Y) have a turret. its a visual glitch where the gun will rotate 360 degrees around the tank. The worst part is it removes the ability to use the parking break (kind of essential for ambushing etc). I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or if there was a way to fix it.

    Your mod was the only one I had installed at the time.
    Let me know if you need more info

  21. Brooklyn701 says:


    ich have been having the same Problem with the Turrent on the J Pz. E100. It looks as if you can turn 360°.

    Does anyone have a fix?

  22. Haehnchen says:

    some gun sounds still be missing i think… excample, the E75 make no shooting sound if gun is fired… hopeful it can be fixed, and i hope its not an issue because of the crappiest patch on WoT ever… 8.9 sucks hard, and is full of bugs…

  23. realmaster42 says:

    Hetzer 10,5cm gun has no sound… please add a sound to it

  24. charlietango88 says:

    Hi all, I saw somewhere, that you must delete sound file for japaneese tank chi-nu. Then it would be fine.

    1. Scoot says:

      true … World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.11/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/japan/ and delete chi_nu.xml!

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  26. Irving A. says:

    Hey bro, This is actually the audio mod for 9.7 ? for you to download it and come only 9.6 folder happens?

  27. Josh says:

    Current mod is buggy, M105 gun sound script in this download causing the game to lock up on the loading screen before loading into battle.

  28. pawat says:

    how to install? in ZIP has res and res_mods how should i do?

  29. tilleulenspiegel says:

    doesnt work proper on 9.12

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  33. t0rag says:

    repatch on 0.9.13 please .))))) pleeease

  34. t0rag says:

    historic gun mod .))

  35. t0rag says:

    historical gun mods repatch for 9.14 :PP thx

  36. Szabolcs Nagy says:

    How to install? pls tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Szabolcs Nagy says:

    There’s not gun sound!!!!! pls help me!!!!!!

  38. juan sebastian says:

    alguien sabe como instalarlo? no me funsiona

  39. Blackfox87 says:

    Dont, work in 9.15.1 🙁

  40. socouje says:


  41. please update… 🙁

  42. AQ says:

    Sorry, but can you fix that pls because it doesn´t work in 9.15………………….


  43. please update come on man ¡¡ PLEASE¡¡

  44. YouDontNeedToKnow says:

    cmon update -_-

  45. Y9kam says:

    For fucks sake update NOW

  46. EAST10 says:

    Simply Amazing! I love this update. Much appreciate. Any mods for realistic engines for tanks? Not this crap from WoT?

  47. pawat says:

    Thanks god! you come back!

  48. Marijn says:

    Damn that sound after a shot is just amazing!!

  49. Sr_stockhausen says:


  50. Deadrea says:

    Please make a sounds for the RHM borsigs 155mm, i really love the tank but the sound is kind of a let down. i was expecting it to be beefer but its kinda pathetic

  51. Herrwerkheiser says:

    hey re patch pls doesnt work on 9.17.1 update, and hetzer with pak 48 gun doesnt sound at all

  52. michaelm says:

    Bookmarking for when this becomes compatible for 9.17.1. Right now trying to use the 0.1 version crashes the game.

  53. KingTiger222 says:

    when i try to start the game it just crashes

  54. michaelm says:

    Guys the Mod is actually updated to 17.1, it’s in the description of the first Youtube video, it’s just not updated here for some reason. You can find it below.'s_HRMOD

  55. leonel says:

    pleace repair the link of download.

  56. Kha says:

    update please

  57. mush says:

    Please update the mod for 9.19.02. I think its better to release the mod updates after WOT releases the micro patches not immediately after the update. Thanks zorgane and gnomefather.

  58. mush says:

    Which version is this? Zorgane released 3 versions earlier based on the audio quality.

  59. David says:

    How to install? There is no “audio” folder or Readme.

    Please advise.

  60. Kelsey Jade says:

    Update please! When you can 🙂

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