Historical Flags Mod

This mod adds the historical flags of nations in World of Tanks. Author: Kriegstreibers


542-3-1359407856 542-2-1359407856 542-3-1359401140 542-1-1359407856 542-1-1359401140


How to install:

Folder res_mods Copy and paste the folder …\World_of_Tanks \


Version 2 LIGHT CHINA-542-1-5 (3.5 Mb)

Version 2 LIGHT GERMAN-542-1-5 (3.5 Mb)

Version1 FULL-542-1-5  (3.7 Mb)


4 thoughts on “Historical Flags Mod”

  1. Xmace says:

    Super nice mod for adding some atmosphere to the game, awesome work !

  2. Nuggets says:

    Perhaps time to update sir? I would love this skin on 9.6 client

  3. WarthogCC says:

    Does not work in 9.10. Prevents game client from logging in.

  4. andi says:

    update anyone?

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