[] Historical crew icons for WOT

For more realistic game you can install a new, historic icons for World of Tanks 9.15.1

Here is an unusual tankers icons for hangar. These icons are different from the rest of its realism and history. It’s not just  faces of fictional characters but faces the heroes of World War II. Author is Relvin. He tried and made realistic and spectacular mod.

Image 15

1424789972_ussr-17 1424789988_china-1 1424790004_japan-18 1424790004_france-11

All photos are in black and white, it is emphasizing their historicity. Plus successfully matched the size of photos, they look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

These icons allow you to feel the true spirit of the war. There are all nations and  insignia of each country in mod. Mod adapted to the current version 9.15.1.


Copy folder gui in WOT / res_mods /


Historical crew icons for WOT (10 MB)

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