Hawg’s modpack [] v4.23

Many players well-known author Hawg’s. On our site we pressended his mod – Hawg’s Alternative XVM and this version XVM is very popular now. This author makes mods that will bring you an advantage in the game, but with no penalty since all presented mods in the assembly are completely official. The essence of each modification is as much as possible to help the player. Modpack included completely all mods from this author.

There are 30 mods inside:

–  Xvm from author
– x60  zoom
– Arty zoom out
– Hawg’s AutoLogin
– Hawg’s Average Damage indicator
–  Battle Score
– Damage Log from Hawg

Hawg's modpack

Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack
– Hawg’s 2 to 4 row Carousel
– High Caliber indicator
– Hitlog from modder
– Platoon icon markers
– Tank Sky Zoom Out
– Mod Postmortem Helper
– Mod Total HP Tracker
– Sixth Sense mod
– Real Time Battle Score
– Contour Icons from
– Blue Sky Dome
– Damage Indicator
– Hawg’s Damage Panel
– Paintball
– Mod Small Carousel Flags

Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack
– Hawg’s RadialMenu
– Hawg’s UnderWater
– Hawg’s WOT players button
– Mark of Excellence from author
– Army Shell’s

The author regularly updates and improves his modifications, so in this modpack you will find only actual and maximally practical mods.


RealTime_1.9.0.0 (48 MB) will be soon

3 thoughts on “Hawg’s modpack [] v4.23”

  1. Cpt Red Neck says:

    Working great , Impressed mod,I Can’t believe how much this has improved my game play OMG great pack

    1. bza1 says:

      hi. where do I install the mode? pls help

  2. dude says:

    worst mod ever

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