HARDscope 12 Historical sights for WoT

Version sight: 12
Client version:
Author: Andrey_Hard
Editor panel “Directory”: KobkaG


HARDscope – the eight historical (sniper and arcade) sights with reload timer and the information about the target.

19 historical sighting grid:

Sights for light tanks:
PT- 1 — T-26, BT-5, BT-7, BT-7M, T-28, T-35, A-20, T-46.

Sights for medium tanks:
TS -15 — T-34- 85, SU-85.
TS — 2B -32P — T-54, T-55.

Sights for heavy tanks:
TMPD-7 — HF gun ZIS- 5 (as well as for T-34 gun F-34 ), KV-1, KV-85, T34/76.
TS-17 — IS-2, IS-122, IS-3.
TS-45 — IS-4, IS- 7.

Sights for destroyers:
TS-19 — SU-100.
CT- 10 — SU-152, ISU-152.

Sights for light tanks:
TZF4 — PzKpfw.II, PzKpfw.II Luchs, VK 1602 Leopard.
T.Z.F.43 (t) — Pz.35 (t), Pz.38 (t).
Sights for medium tanks:
T.Z.F.5b — PzKpfw.IV Ausf A-F1.
T.Z.F.12a — PzKpfw.V Panther.
Sights for heavy tanks:
T.Z.F.9b — PzKpfw.VI Tiger Ausf.E.
TZF9d — PzKpfw.VI Tiger II Ausf.B with Porsche turret.
Sights for PT ACS:
Sfl.ZF1a — Late StuG III, StuG IV, Hetzer, Panzerjager IV, Jagdpanther, Ferdinand.
PaK.Z.F.3×8 — Marder II, Marder III.

Sights for medium tanks:
M38 — M4 Sherman, M7.
M10 — M4A3E8 Sherman, M46 Patton.

APX L 671 — D2, B1, D1, AMX 38, AMX 40.


HARDscope (0.9 MB)

39 thoughts on “HARDscope 12 Historical sights for WoT”

  1. ARGENTVS says:

    Hi, does the sight rotate to left while you aim?, because im using the second german sight, i love it, but it doesnt rotate while i zoom in to targets. I want to make it fit the zoom with the sight meters.

    Good mod.

    Greetings from NA.

    1. skittleslol says:

      It rotates according to the distance of the target you’re aiming at, not when you zoom the sight.

      I agree it is a great mod.

      Greetings from SEA.

  2. schmolz says:

    pls someone do an english translation for the menu.
    this sights are just simply amazing ,thank you soo much!

    greetings from EU =)

    1. skittleslol says:

      Here’s my edited settings.mo file, you can download it here.

      1. cabal512 says:

        This settings.mo file can work with patch 8.10?

        1. skittleslol says:

          Updated the file, it works with 8.10 however it still doesn’t show the sight preview in the settings menu unless you’re in battle…


          1. cabal512 says:

            Thank U and Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. skittleslol says:

    Updated my “translated” settings.mo file… though I don’t speak Russian and basically ran “Сетка” through Google Translate and got what it said (Grid), so it might actually not make any sense 😛

    The mod works a bit differently now too, which kinda surprised me. You choose the nation under “Grid (Nation)” and then one of the sights for that nation under “Grid Type / Central Marker”. Only Germany and Russia have 8 sights, USA/France only has 3, and the other sights with vanilla names (A-shaped marker, etc.) and the last 5 sights for US/France don’t appear.


  4. tigershuffle says:

    Thanks for all the hardwork…..
    I helped get the originals in to English back in Beta when Marsoff first made them.

    Not played WoT for ages but now im back in the game 🙂

  5. ARGENTVS says:

    Con you do a permanent english Menu version?, i need the english menu for 0.9 patch.

    1. skittleslol says:

      Updated the file 😀 it should work for the next couple of versions unless WG adds new sights or HARDscope adds new sights 😀 or if WG changes the settings text 😀


      1. ARGENTVS says:

        Thank you very much!!!.

      2. ARGENTVS says:

        Damn, no, it doesnt work. It just made all my menu being like *#menu\blabalbla\button\settings

        1. skittleslol says:

          Hmm… if you still have the original settings.mo file, restore it. Then copy the entire text/lc_messages into the res_mods folder and replace the settings.mo file there.

          1. NikMa says:

            Same for me, when I copy the /text/lc_messages/ folders in to the res_mods.9.0\ folder all the buttons and things look like pathways.
            #menu\start\etc or the likes.

            So I just backed up the original settings.mo file in \res\text\lc_messages\ and put this one there.

          2. ARGENTVS says:

            Problem solved. You must copy the origianl text folder in res, aste to 0.9.0 and ONLY use the gui files from the hardscope mode, then is all in the lenguaje you use ( i use spanish for the menu), and you have the sights.

  6. Meru_Genos says:

    If you guys dont want it in russian, just dont extract the “settings.mo” folder, and it works then with your standard language.

  7. ARGENTVS says:

    Does it works in 0.9.1?.

  8. Flernalizia says:

    I cant change into German’s sight. [Ver 0.9.1] Could you fix it please.

    I love this mod.

    Greeting from SEA.

  9. cbouillot9 says:

    hello m8,
    how do we installe your mod?
    and why its is in russian im a french guys do u have someone thing for me?


  10. kola says:

    Hi, how to make M4 scope workable on M4A2E4?

  11. kola says:

    there are only german and russian scopes in this package, where are american?

  12. Hi says:

    Can someone make a version that doesn’t have the stupid little shell loading icon animation? I really hate it and it’s distracting. Thanks.

  13. jose says:

    comose instala la miras?

  14. Dimitris says:

    please add an option to customise the buttons which activate the battle assistant sub-mod?

  15. breneser says:

    i really liked the circle in sniping mode, but since 9.8 update it was changed to a cross and a vertically moving line, am I doing something wrong or it was changed on purpose – or can i change it back somehow?
    im using this mod within a OMC modpack

  16. Simon14 says:

    How can I aktivate the dark corners

  17. Ben says:

    The last two hours I’ve tried to get this black scope view (Blackout, arround the cross) to work. But it’s just missing. What’s wrong here?
    Can someone help me please?

    In sniper mode it looks like that: https://ctrlv.cz/B3L9

  18. Snidelw00ds says:

    WOOHOOOOOOO ! I found it! 😉

    You can adjust the Blackout / Shadow / Black Background however you call ist in the .xml file
    – shadow alpha = “100”
    – circle alpha = “100”

  19. Luke says:

    can someone please give me a simple walk through without the computer guy talk

  20. Luke says:

    How to install the mod

  21. Lucas says:

    is there a link to get this mod without going through .zip file?

  22. Lorenzo says:

    Will this mod be updated for 9.17.1?

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