Hangar with doors open (premium + base)

Hangar with doors open (premium + base) mod for World of Tanks. The idea of ??this hangar was invented long ago, but only now realized. Author: Urban_Fighter


How to install:

Files from the archive copy and paste into the folder: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods.8.3


Download new garage (76 Mb) [mediafire]

5 thoughts on “Hangar with doors open (premium + base)”

  1. Shadow5x says:

    it dosnt work anymore with the 8.6 update 🙁

  2. Beep says:

    It’s broken on 8.6, could you fix it, please?

  3. Beep says:

    … Still broken.

  4. jsl says:

    cant you just change some files its more than simple the folder “Spaces” changes in every update just found the original folder “Spaces” in “res” and use it….

  5. kitty45 says:

    he veux se garage

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