Hangar “Prokhorovka” for 0.9.4


Meet the new, but everything is so familiar hangar, where your tank on a train platform in the midst of the map “Prokhorovka”.



The map looks really cool. Now, beautiful, summer landscape will surround you as in the hangar and in the battles on the map Prokhorovka.

Hangar replaces, as a base, and a premium version. So you can download and enjoy the new version of the hangar.

More screenshots:



Download and unzip the file.
Folder “Space” to put on such a path: res_mods / 0.9.4 /


Hangar “Prokhorovka” (80 Mb)

2 thoughts on “Hangar “Prokhorovka” for 0.9.4”

  1. Dima says:

    Очень удобные моды Спс большое.

  2. Jurasfcb says:

    hello,do you have christmas hangar ? for new patch ? 0,9,5

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