Hangar “Fury” for World of Tanks 0.9.4



October 30 comes the eponymous film, starring which is an American tank M4A3E8 Sherman.

Company Wargaming inspired this film and has created a special hangar for the event.

Hangar “live” – flying planes, drive tanks in the field, etc.




Download and unzip for this path: WoT / res_mods / game version /


hangar fury (200 Kb)

9 thoughts on “Hangar “Fury” for World of Tanks 0.9.4”

  1. thexcalibur says:

    button to change the hangar do crash the game

  2. Uranus says:

    Why its not play the Music from the Movie ”Fury” ??? Any ideas from this …??? thanks for the great job,to post this garage..i love it !!!!!

  3. Deputy276 says:

    Doesn’t work in newest update (9.5). Hangs up on “Updating the garage” after you push the change background button. A shame. The Fury hangar was pretty cool.

  4. Uranus says:

    Admin, plz, can u fix it for 9.5 ??? Thks…

  5. Danny says:

    Does this work with 9.5?

  6. 87thCavRecon says:

    Yes please update!

  7. Danny2462 says:

    Does it come with the music from the original fury hangar?

  8. lu'ay says:

    pls update this to 9.15

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