[8.10] GODS-EYE AIOMOD [12-16-13]


New Mega mod Pack GODS-EYE AIOMOD for World of Tanks Common test 8.10 by H8M3.

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List Mod:

– Has a super mini map. shows tank names on boths sides, remembers last location, circles for distance,and has a line for turret and tank direction.
– The damage panel is one from the russian server that i changed the bg for. and small additional other edits.
– A nifty skull was added to the damage deal panel. for if you kil your target.
– Names of tanks are color coded:.. SET = tank type (player list and damage dealt list) yello =LT green=MT grey=HT red=SPG Purple=TD
Gods eye added for 6th sence picture.
– “waiting” logo :.. removed added GodsEye
– Custom words for Cap, including pictures for end battles won and lost.
– Female Crew Members
– Clan icons a-z (in player list and in battle) instead of clan name. i got from a rednecks link.
– Load pages, battle load, status page finial battle page.. All custom pictures.
–  Blow up Grafic
– New Arty / Td friendly Crosshairs added (by grampa) the only thing i changed from his is the arty aimer, i prefer mine over his circles.
– Pretty sure thats it i may have forgotten somthing, i’ll edit later if so.
– YasenKrasen Battle Messages (skull verion) In Game Chat logos, Help,Attack, death etc. new look
– Load video Removed
– Scope Shadow Removed
– Zoom increased from 3X to 4X Spiper
– And other

Specs on that:
mod: KISS Crosshairs.Similar to JimB0’s but changes to graphics.
On screen info includes:
1. Loading time
2. rounds in clip
3. % health
4. Meters to target
5. In arty, time to target
6. In the sniper mod, you can see the enemy armor ratings ++ !!






14 thoughts on “[8.10] GODS-EYE AIOMOD [12-16-13]”

  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Needs a bit of tweaking, for some reason all my equip and round icons are in the middle of the screen and the tank icons at a distance are not above the tank. On a good note..LOVE the hotties…lol

  2. H8M3 says:

    i dont mind you sharing my aiomod, but please use your own link next time. hot linkin my site throws my download count off bigtime.

  3. H8M3 says:

    hey bro 3.0 beta is out now, lots og in game grafix changes, and 30 or so new “tips” (i just added jokes) and a bunch of other stuff, like added white dead tanks for better fps when folks die in game,Adertisments for ww2, wot, and Gods-eye, “Raded” out cars, and trucks, Trains and houses, i even added siloettes to a tugboat, Its just a beta version i released cause of people wanting a preview of my next full aiomod.. 🙂 check it out

    1. admin says:

      Thank you. updated

  4. Vincent says:

    H8M3, i would like to remove the custom nazi logo from the tank. how to change it using the online xvm editor?

  5. justme says:

    so i cant it use… how can it install?

  6. geemkii says:

    Why when the enemy disappears from the minimap is an inscription {“current vehicle”} instead of the opponent info

  7. Robert Dudley says:

    installed this mod into the World of Tanks folder and I don’t see anything different in the game – none of the included mods function. did I load it into the correct folder?

    1. john p says:

      apparently the extracting zip file creates a new World of Tanks folder so extract to games/ then it will merge files correctly.
      The problem I have is that when trying to load game (after installing mod) it always hangs at the Connect screen.

  8. Drew says:

    After loading aiomod godeye test 2 found that the game will sometimes crash and I would have to rrestart it and relog in after the battle. Is there a fix or a reason it’s doing this? Thanks BTW love the graffix…could you include hit skins in next update you do.. Great job thanks again.

  9. djura says:

    sorry but i have 10 crash to desc in 1 h !!!

  10. Ivan says:

    I have this problem, i playing 1 round my game close(random),or Freeze(black screen) end round fase,

    please fix this problem,i like this mod 😀

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