[0.9.7] GKstd Mods Pack v.3.1


GKstd Mods Pack v0.9.7_3.1 for World of Tanks 9.7. ModPak includes only informative, functional mods. When you install this ModPak you will be satisfied.

Upd: 05.05.2015

Mod List
— Deegie’s Sniper Sights mod remake by me
— Gun Constraints
— Zoom 30x P-MoD by P0LIR0ID
— XVM nightly builds v3352
— SF’s Damage Panel + Hitlog Glow release: 2014-12-28
— Multilined TankCarousel (locastans mod for 9.5) v1.4
— Aslain’s 6th sense icon
— Clock on hangar
— Effective Armor Calc and BattleTimer (MjolnirProtector)
— Damage Indicator
— Auto Equip
— Tank icon with camo
— Contour Icon custom
— ATAC! v0.9.5.02
— Chat Scrolling mod
— WWIIHWA Addon – Turret Traverse Sounds

Changelog v2.9:
[Crosshair Mods]

– Updated : Harpoon Sights En v3.0 Beta

[Damage Panel]
– Updated : GambitER DamagePanel

[Other Mods]
– Updated : Spotted Extended Beta v2.05
– Updated : ProTanki Script from most of Sights
– Updated : Protanki In Game Medal
– Fixed   : Safe Shot (Fix to Eng Text)

[Sound Mods]
– Updated : GKstd’s UP Reload Sounds
– Updated : GKstd’s Enemy Signed sounds



Download and unzip the archive.
Folder “res” and “res_mods” put in the root of the game: /World of Tanks/

GKstd-Mods-Packs-0.97_v3.1zip (51 Mb)

53 thoughts on “[0.9.7] GKstd Mods Pack v.3.1”

  1. salamandra1976 says:

    Thank you for modpack. Installed succesfully and works correctly. Have just some troubles with XWM configuration, but I hope , Iwill solve my troubles soon. That is just my problem (dont know this mod , must learn, how to work with it). Good job.

  2. scotty says:

    Just downloaded and unzipped.
    However slightly stuck on next bit….

    older “res” and “res_mods” put in the root of the game: /World of Tanks/

    Read more https://tanksmod.com/0-9-0-gkstd-mods-pack-v-2-0/

    Can u write/tell me in ‘computer mong’ speak how i do this bit please?

    Thanks in advance comuter genius 🙂

  3. MS says:

    what kind of crap is THIS??
    It crashes in the first test!

  4. odysseas89 says:

    after 7 games the zoom reseting made me so angy i rage quited. its not only anoying but with my fast reloading tank i was loosing 1-2 sec for retargeting… thats the most importand. for less importand, the names in the tank list are almost unreadable.

    1. odysseas89 says:

      PS. if anyone knows how to turn off the zoom reseting thingy plz share it with us.

  5. kamizaki says:

    Excelent mod pack \o

    just got a problem with the minimap.

    it doenst show the range circle of the tanks… i know its something to do with the xvm but i dont know squat about that 🙁

    some lights in this area please?

    1. odysseas89 says:

      i always use locastans HD minimap mod so i didnt even notice..

  6. darkpluim says:

    indeed nice mods just 1 thing most annoying sound when u turn tank or turret ,is there any way of solving that?

  7. dimitris says:

    very nice pack thanx! but I want to remove the sounds you added can i? thanx again amazing pack

    1. Mike says:

      If it is the turret sounds you do not want just go to the res/audio folder and look for the files named turret drop and traverse. Loved the mod myself but the consistent noise was annoying,

  8. k1 says:

    Best mod ever seen…great job… BUT it crashes the game to desktop… 🙁

  9. gameday22 says:

    The sight zoom changing back to 2x each time is annoying beyond that nice mod…thanks 🙂

    1. odysseas89 says:

      just yesterday it was fixed download the 2.4 version of the mod..

      1. Aahana says:

        and where can we find that?

      2. buffalo says:

        can you share 2.4 link please?

      3. Mike says:

        where is that at? no links here

      4. Skipper says:

        Where is this 2.4 version?

  10. xz says:

    this mod is awesome, but XVM’s rating doesn’t work

  11. kidu50 says:

    Great job, but wot crashes the game at starting

  12. samson1975 says:

    awesome mod pack but I want to change the color of reticle how can I do this…please help the black is hard to see….thanks

  13. MercuryRising says:

    Is there a way to change the color of the reticle or enable the game’s reticle instead? I like the scope (blue rectangle with info and animations) I just don’t like the hard to see blue circle that is my aim. Red would be awesome or the in game settings aren’t bad if I can make them work in conjunction with the animations.


  14. turbo1811 says:

    Statistik geht nicht sonst alles gut

  15. TheOnlyOne says:

    How do I configure the XVM, because I get an error on the XVM website. I want to add the View Square and Sight Circle to the XVM

    1. TheOnlyOne says:

      Also, when I start battles the Zoom is all the way in and I want to get it to the WOT Default.

    2. TheOnlyOne says:

      The MiniMap isnt showing the Sight Square and View Circle like in your video.

  16. deafknight says:

    Very good mod. You have to delete previous mods to avoid the noscroll or X2 sniper mode reset (it’s in a old file called noscroll.xml)

    Now i have a problem, screen flashes red when i fire. It’s unsufferable in sniper mode. Anyone knows how to suppress that? i tried deactivating special effect in sniper mode, but no effects…

    (9.0 NF version)

    1. deafknight says:

      solved by deactivating effects in sniper mode. sucks, but eh.
      I noticed you deactivated the red square at 445 m in XVM. How do you re enable it?

  17. GrunkleStan says:

    How do I turn off that annoying as F*** Turret sound?

    Otherwise Perfect mod pack, everything else is great!

  18. kamyk says:

    jak zmienic wszystko na polski język? w menu sie nie da.

  19. Олег says:

    Thank you for modpack

  20. rhys says:

    WHy not XVm configuration is not working D:?

  21. Consalo says:

    When I install the mode all is changed in English. What can I do to change back in German

  22. bodin says:

    salut les mecs dites moi quand je télécharge https://tanksmod.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/d1/GKstd-Mods-Packs-0.9.0_v2.8.zip je l’obtient toujours en anglais comment faire pour l’avoir en français ?? merci

  23. MBisFamous45 says:

    I really want this for 9.0. Seems to work fine, but when I try to login, it says update even tho I have the latest. It won’t let me login! How do I fix that? Wait for 9.1???

  24. SALE00 says:

    thanks guys for nice game WOT

  25. mustafaekrem says:

    Turkish language support does not exist! Turkish does not have installed mod … (Türkçe dil desteği yok! Mod yükleyince Türkçe olmuyor…)

  26. Hali says:

    Nice work, bute how can i move the client language back to german?
    In XVM it stands on AUTO, but it doesnt work.
    Region EU and language de doesnt work too.

  27. Aahana says:

    Gr8 Job soo far man, can u please update this for Patch 9.2 aswell, I’ve been using your mod pack for 2 patches now and cant play with any other, please update it asap.

    1. andrew says:

      same i hate this new one i have it lags and its doesnt look half as good

  28. bosanchero says:

    please,make it work for 9.2! thanks

    1. flemming says:

      please,make it work for 9.2! thanks

      Read more https://tanksmod.com/0-9-0-gkstd-mods-pack-v-2-0/

      1. bosanchero says:

        i did…and i installed again and nothing :/

  29. Robert says:

    Please 9.3

  30. Persianboy1 says:

    Please send for me link download mod disconnect from server in game
    Cut away all the trash because of Internet
    please send to this email :Mehdisafari9@gmail.com

  31. bosanchero says:

    9.3 is comming soon? 🙂

  32. bosanchero says:

    cmon dude,make it work for 9.3 please

  33. nobody says:

    hey…..when I try to select the consumables, its not working, why? This mod pack is for 9.4 update, no?……whats wrong then?

  34. Me says:

    Been using this mod pack for quite a while (> 4 months). However with the 9.5 update, it will now crash to the desktop – no error. It now does this during games and even when launching. I’m using the latest mod pack that I can find.

  35. Me says:

    Also my stats such as xp, gold, and credits rarely show in garage.

  36. Pietro says:

    Hi man,

    where we can find version of this great modpack for update 9.8? This really does not work on 9.8. or we have change somethink in instalation???


  37. Eliza says:

    Good to find an expert who knows what he’s taknlig about!

  38. Good answer back in return of this difficulty with firm arguments and telling the whole thing concerning that.|

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