GIACINT sight for World Tanks 1.6.1

Image 2

Beautiful sight blue, with good animation and the new location recharge timer. The structure modification includes the sniper variant, as well as arcade.

How to install:

In the archive you will find folder “mods”, are to be copied to this address: \ World_of_Tanks \


SghtGIACINT (1000 Kb)

7 thoughts on “GIACINT sight for World Tanks 1.6.1”

  1. kevin says:

    Hi has the aim have a reload time next to it? when not its hard to see when reloaded

  2. Amin says:

    i love it but i wold like to know my reloading time…

    1. SAVBO says:

      Press the Ctrl key and on the side of the shells will see a full recharge time of his guns.
      Thank You that you have chosen the sight GIACINT !

  3. Cann0n says:

    Very nice sight but doesn’t show how many shells left for auto-loader tanks.

  4. Gary Wood says:

    Does Not work in 9.15.1
    sight was made Jan 2015

  5. says:

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